99tests Enables Crowd Testing For BHIM, India's Largest Payment App

By CIOReview Team

When it comes to digital payments, you cannot leave anything to chance. With digital payment apps, there is no room for errors & glitches. Risks, if any need to be identified & managed in time. For the successful launch of India’s largest payment app, BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money), a fool-proof testing solution was required to find all the issues in time before releasing it out to the public for the first time. Apart from exploratory & functional testing of the app, the NPCI team also needed QA support in executing their existing test cases. Getting skilled testers & coverage in terms of device configurations & locations in a short span of time was a major challenge for the team. The 99tests crowd testing platform enabled the execution of this complex & mammoth project in a seamless manner.

Challenges Involved

The complexity of testing a national payments app targeted at a population of more than a billion people from various demographics & income groups  is huge. The linguistic, social, educational & cultural diversity of the country had to be factored in for testing the app. All technical and business risks had to be found and fixed before the much awaited public luanch of the app. The team required testers from various locations in India with different device configurations. As a payment app there was an additional specification of specific bank account holders.

Speed of execution was crucial. Faster execution of tests cases & exploratory testing would enable the developers to find & fix all the issues before the launch. The NPCI team found their solution with the 99tests crowd testing platform. 99tests is a Bangalore based crowd testing company for testing mobile and web apps. With over 20,000 crowd testers from 160+ countries, the company has previously helped 200+ companies including enterprises like P&G, Intuit and Security scorecard to test their software.

Crowd Testing for India’s Largest Payment app

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is a revolutionary mobile payment app designed to solve India’s digital payment woes. The Aadhaar- based payment app is aimed to empower the country to move towards a more cashless and transparent economy.  Based on the requirement, over 100 crowd testers having bank accounts in over 20 different banks were assigned to the project. Testers with various device configurations & mobile networks were included in the project for maximum coverage. Through the 99tests platform, expert crowd testers were assigned to the project for execution of the test cases.

With the 99tests crowd sourced testing platform, exploratory test cycles & test cases were executed in a short period of time. 700+ Test Cases were executed within 24 hours for the USSD framework. The testing was done on multiple staging builds and production builds. Crowd testers of 99tests from across the country tested the entire BHIM app. Real time transactions were done to check crucial app features like paying money & receiving money. Testing in real world scenarios, gave developers key insights on the app’s health, making it easier for them to fix any risks that were discovered.

All technical & business risks were identified in time, to help the development team improve the app quality & make the launch of BHIM app successful. In less than a week since its launch, the BHIM app recorded over 7 million downloads across the country.

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