5G Technology: India, US, and Israel Joining Hands

CIOReviewIndia Team | Tuesday, 08 September 2020, 08:56 IST

 5G Technology: India, US, and Israel Joining Hands

A top official has said that India, Israel and the United States have started collaborating with each other in next-generation technologies and other developmental areas. Among the next-gen technologies, secure 5G communication networks would also be worked upon.  

It is the result of the people-to-people collaboration when we speak about branching out this trilateral initiative in the development and technological arena. 


According to US Agency for International Development Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick, this collaboration in 5G is a just tip of the iceberg and a first step. He has also said, “Because we all collaborate in scene and research and development in coming up with the next generation of technologies , things that the likes of you and the rest of us on the planet can’t even imagine what they might be. But by partnering by officially, affirming the importance of this relationship, we’ll advance it.


One area we’ve seen cooperating on is digital leadership and innovation, particularly in next generation 5g technology,” Glock added. 


As topics are quite sensitive in nature, the talks between the Israel, US and India collaborate in defence, much of that collaboration and discussion is done in closed rooms.


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