5 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block Like a Pro

CIOReview Team | Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 09:48 IST

5 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block Like a Pro

It is one of the most frustrating experiences for a writer yet it is inevitable. Even the best word masters out there experience writer’s block at one point in their work. When words are your tools of trade, you always have a way to conjure a story but when the writer’s block attacks, nothing seems to work. You seem stuck in a rut with no sense of creativity, and this is frightening. Some writers seek professional writing help to jumpstart ideas but there are also other ways to overcome this problem.

This article explores some effective tips to overcome writer’s block like a pro. Read on to unlock your creativity once again.

When suffering a writer’s block, the last thing you want is to make another attempt to continue your novel or research paper. It feels like there’s no point in trying but this is not the best approach if you want to beat this spectre.

Freewriting is one of the most effective ways of overcoming writer’s block and while it is not easy to do this, you will find it extremely rewarding. Start writing anything that comes to mind without a plan. When no restrictionshold you back, it is possible to finally get your groove back and get the creative juices flowing again.

Pause and Stand Back

How long have you been working on your current project? The answer to this question might surprise you. Most writers work day and night on one project and this dulls their creativity over time. Writing is an activity that involves getting ideas from your brain and at some point, you have to pause and let your brain rest.

Stand back from everything you have at hand however urgent it might seem. This is a great idea to rejuvenate both body and mind and spur creativity.

Spend Time With Friends and Talk

When was the last time you had a real conversation with another person? Most writers live in cocoons with so many ideas to mull over and write. This is a major cause of writer’s block because, for new ideas to flow, you have to find inspiration.

Talk to a close friend about everything in life and don’t restrict yourself to the current problem. Enjoy a free-flowing and genuine conversation and this might spark your creativity.

Read/Watch Something Interesting

It is time to sit back and enjoy some reading or film. You need to do something out of your ordinary routine to spark your creative edge. Read something out of your line of work especially drama, comedy, historical works, odes, listen to music, watch nice movies as you relax. The content you come across can inspire new ideas to get your writing back on course.

Get Rid Of Distractions

Distractions in writing can take many forms from items cluttered on your desk to emotional problems. You have to clear out all these distractions and give yourself a break. Clean up your working space, organize your work schedule, set clear goals, deal with personal problems and create a serene working atmosphere.

You should also get enough sleep, practice writing early in the morning, listen to music, take up exercises and travel more. Start writing on paper when an idea comes to mind and with time, you will overcome the writer’s block.

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