5 Ways to Make Teaching More Productive

CIOReview Team | Monday, 03 June 2019, 11:10 IST

5 Ways to Make Teaching More Productive

An expert Darren Barden from WriteMyEssayForMe says that a jovial and happy classroom is ideal for classroom productivity. This is because students take responsible ownership and initiatives by creating solutions and developing projects which have purpose and meaning in their lives. Additionally, this shows that they love and are enjoying their learning.

Attaining high levels of classroom efficiency is not an easy task. This is because you have to ensure that students have an interest and invest in tasks which develop higher levels of order thinking and problem-solving skills. They need to know that they are learning for a purpose. And to do so, you have to involve them in constructive pursuits and give them mindful evaluations. This enables them to learn how to be independent and accountable. Many teachers and professors are always happy when they see that a student(s) looks forward to coming to class. And as one, you need to enhance classroom productivity for students to have the desire to go to class more often.

Many people often mistake productivity to be the speed of output. However, that does not exhibit the essence of productivity. Productivity is not all about getting things done or completed but rather having them finished with a purpose. To ensure you have enhanced productivity, you need to tell whether the students are focused and engaged, happy and attentive, agitated to show the results of their work and talk about their work with other students and their parents. Also, you need to ask deep, insightful questions. These traits of a productive classroom can help you know whether you have a productive classroom or not. Below are some tips you can use to learn how to be productive in school.

Create a confidential space

Every student needs to feel welcomed in their classes. They need to know and connect with ease.To achieve this, you need to create a confidential space. Let them know that they are in a supportive environment. Start learning adventures with the perception that learning ought to be enjoyable. This will impact them positively, thereby enhancing productivity.

Make everyone speak

While teaching, you need to let students have a say. They need to have the opportunity to speak.They are not different from other people. Their opinions and ideas count for something and letting them contribute to how they can utilize their class time is valuable in nurturing a productivity approach. But, you do not need to worry about anything. This mindset does not mean they will consume too much time without supervision. You can do this by gearing the questions toward productivity while providing breathing space.

Find guiding questions

As you begin or continue working, ensure you keep them thinking. Modern students love it when they are given challenges. And to enhance productivity, you need to find guiding questions. Inquire about their projects to keep them conjecturing and discerning. Show that you are interested in what they are doing. If they want to write a perfect essay, you can ask them why they chose a particular approach for it or how they can switch direction if they get stuck. Additionally, you can provide them the effective alternative of seeking writing help from professional and reliable writing services such as Essay Guru.

Be very helpful

Students often struggle with their assignments from time to time, and this happens on various levels. And for them to succeed, they will need some assistance and motivation. Getting stuck is normal as it helps them learn how to develop an effective approach for their next task. However,if you do not assist them, they will feel the pressure to do their best and keep up with their classmates. Additionally, they feel confused, frustrated, and inadequate. They also feel like they are wasting time doing what they are. Hence, they will choose to look for a reason to quit when they know they can do better. Thus, you need to be available and provide them with any help they may need.

Having an open mind and the right choice of words can help turn things around, thereby boosting productivity.

Encourage and offer distraction

Encouraging students to work together is an efficient means to enhance productivity in the classroom. As natural-born collaborators, modern students love working together in groups. This enables them to draw on their personal strengths and weaknesses. Also, offering distractions can help boost productivity. However, this depends on the type of distraction you provide. Some good examples of productivity distractions in class include;

Exercising by stretching or moving around.
Taking breaks during story or jokes telling sessions for some relief.
Having students quickly check where they are in their tasks and projects.
Scheduling task-related Q and As with a surprise class visitor.

In conclusion, students who are happy and jovial in a classroom help determine whether productivity is fostered or not. Hence, as a teacher or professor, you need to ensure that your students are happy and are looking forward to the next class. Also, when they are stranded, ensure that you are available to help them out. When they do not know how to go about their essay writing tasks, provide them with an already written essay they can refer to to get some writing tips or let them know that they can seek help from a professional writing service. Also, above are some tips you can use to enhance productivity in your classroom.

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