'Smart Baggage Trolleys' Introduced at Hyderabad Airport

CIOReviewIndia Team | Friday, 27 November 2020, 09:28 IST

Internet-of-Things or generally known as ‘IoT’ has been introduced at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport for enabling smart baggage trolleys.

With this, it becomes India’s first airport for deploying IoT for tracking and assist passengers for carrying their luggage in smart baggage trolleys in the airport.

Deploying LoRa (Long Range) IoT platform in the Airport Baggage Trolley Project, in the entire fleet of 3,000 baggage trolleys, there will be IoT enabled technology, airport operator GHIAL stated on Friday.

Passengers’ waiting time will get reduced substantially, and airport authority will also ensure the availability of baggage trolleys in sufficient numbers. Management of trolleys, and replenishment, will be based on the requirement at various aspects in the airport, with enhanced efficiency, passenger experience, giving a smooth operation facility to the onboarders.

Going par with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the global organization supporting aviation with global standards, for airline safety, security, efficiency, and sustainability, a minimum of 160 trolleys will be available for one million passengers, at any airport.

Solving challenges pertaining to trolley management, smart baggage trolley will also retrieve and replenish the trolley bucket quickly. This will also help tackling trolley thefts, and empower the airport for meeting passenger requisites on real-time scenario.

The Smart Trolley Management system has the capability to plan baggage trolleys according to the predictive analyses of estimated departure and arrival passenger loads.

Preparing the operations’ team with proactive planning with real-time dashboards/information on the availability of baggage trolleys in different airport areas, ensuring its availability to the passengers at right time, and place, it will ease down of data accession on mobile, desktop, and laptop, providing user-friendly access.

There is an inbuilt alert mechanism, for keeping trolley out from ‘no airport zone’ area, as the trolleys will generate an alert message, whenever it is tipped off the location, for retrieval.

S.G.K. Kishore, ED-South and Chief Innovation Officer, GMR Airports, said, “After the successful marquee projects like domestic and international E-boarding and Face Recognition trials, we are revolutionizing the way baggage trolleys are managed with the adoption of IoT as a smart and intelligent solution to help enhance passenger experience and also enable smooth operations and inventory management. Smart Baggage Trolleys is one of the many initiatives as part of our digital excellence transformation and journey.”

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