| |April 201819CIOReviewCompanyManagementDescriptionBoodskap Inc. Coppell, Texas boodskap.ioDataGlen Technologies Bangalore, Karnataka dataglen.comDelfers Business Solutions Pte Ltd Hyderabad, Telangana delfers.comIOStash Trivandrum, Kerala iostash.ioLiradolf Information Technologies and Engineering Services Bangalore, Karnataka Liradolf.comNeutrinos Bangalore, Karnataka neutrinos.coNuratech Labs Chennai, Tamil Nadu nuratechlabs.comPAQS Bangalore, Karnataka Paqs.bizPratechsol Mumbai, Maharashtra pratechsol.comSanohub Technologies Bangalore, Karnataka Sanohub.comSmartiply Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra smartiply.comstr8bat Bangalore, Karanataka str8bat.comTymtix Bangalore, Karnataka tymtix.comWearberry Soft Solutions Hyderabad, Telangana Wearberryworld.comJegan Vincent,CEOTanuja Ganu,CTOKranthi Chaithanya Tadalamadla, DirectorKavya Babu & Aravind VS,Co-Founders Santosh Gonsalves & Anil Rajveer Sharma, Directors Suresh Chandrasekharan, CTO Arun Arumugam,CEO A. Vaidyanathan, Founder & MD Swapnil Sinkar, Managing Director Sridhar Perepa, Co Founder Kaushik Pillalamarri, Co-founder & CEORavi Shankar Pooli, Managing Director - India Gagan Daga, Captain and CEOPrabu Surendra, Founder and CEOJagan kalluri, Co-Founder, MDA provider of a disruptive Internet of Things (IoT) Platform which enables businesses to quickly connect any hardware devices and rapidly build connected applications in a cost efficient manner.A provider of a reliable platform for collecting and curating data from IoT devices. It offers nextgen technology which is designed for Solar plant owners, Asset Managers, IPPs', EPC's & O&M Companies.A provider of next generation eCommerce, IoT solutions tailor-made for various customer-centric industries through its eSuite and eSmart 360 suites coupled with augmented reality (AR), IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data Analytics platforms. A provider of an end-to-end platform for bringing IoT world that allows devices to connect and applications to use data from connected devices seamlessly as if they're API's.A provider of a repertoire of Industrial IOT based enterprise solutions that help improve operational efficiencies of manufacturing industries.A provider of innovative solutions including Smart Farming, Cognitive analytics, Proximity Marketing, Telematics and Connected Homes using IoT etc. A provider of a DNA Framework which is a IOIT software cloner that provides cost effective solution to build complex IOT and enterprise applications.A provider of technology solutions for Individuals' Health, Comfort & Productivity. It has designed & commercialized IoT Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor Air pollution that generate actionable insights.A provider of IoT solutions that span across Tracking (Kids, Work-force, School bus, Fleet, Asset) And Monitoring (Industrial, Environment, Commercial light).A provider of an IOT based solution that supports personalized healthcare and enables people to Actively participate in managing their heath with connected ecosystem of care coordination. A provider of a fusion between Fog Computing and IoT to build the first Fog Network/Computing Platform that enables collaboration and resource sharing among devices through innovative Products and services.A provider of instant, visual and actionable insights into game by using state-of-art motion sensors. It is specialized in IoT and Motion Sensors, Cricket, Sports, and Gaming Engine and Visualization.A provider of Tire Pressure Monitoring System that helps check vehicles' tire pressure as well as temperature through an application installed on smart phone.A provider of end-to-end support for organisation's IoT journey who offers scalable and sustainable IoT solutions for Government, NGOS, Private and Public-sector, and Startups.
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