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itelligence India Software Solutions: Embellishing the ERP-Zone with a Complete Spectrum of Services


In our 24/7/365, fast-paced and constantly changing world, consumers connect like never before. Businesses rely on IT to survive, grow and succeed in the digital economy. When Businesses make the right choices then they can operate more efficiently, satisfy more customers, and adapt to markets and opportunities. We cannot over emphasize the importance of right IT partner to help business navigate in this digitally transforming world.

itelligence, comes with 25 years of specialist expertise and international experience of SAP solutions across industries, markets and projects. They understand business, industry and digital economy to help companies achieve their business goals. Since 1989, they have helped over 5000 customers get the most out of their IT. Further, they are the only partner with 6 SAP certifications, which makes them unique. As a SAP Global Partner, itelligence connects with SAP from developer to CEO including influencing the latest business management software and innovations, and engaging in board-level dialogue.

itelligence provides a wide plethora of services in the SAP ERP zone, which include consultancy services, hosting services, cloud services and AMS. “itelligence engages with its customers in the entire life cycle of ERP transformation that includes software sales, E2E implementations (Cloud, on-premise and Hybrid deployment options), hosting and AMS Services,” affirms Sanjeev Deshpande, Managing Director, itelligence India.

Addressing business challenges with SAP ERP consultancy services, itelligence serves various industries including manufacturing, life sciences, wholesale distribution (WSD), consumer product goods (CPG) and automotive in addition to its professional services. In the manufacturing segment, itelligence helps industrial machinery and components (IM&C) companies with SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, its manufacturing industry solution and web-enabled SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

In the last couple of years, itelligence has been one of the finest license sales partners for SAP. Awareness on market dynamics and a strong understanding of its client requirements has helped intelligence to build a roadmap for successful ERP implementation. “Itelligence follows proven methodologies for E2E implementations. We are proud to state that our invention of the CRP (Conference Room Pilot) methodology has been very successful and many other partners have started adopting it, as it reduces the risk of post go-live challenges faced by users” says Sanjeev.

In the post-implementation stages, itelligence provides maintenance services including application transition and stabilization, support and testing, business process monitoring, application optimization and enhancement and SAP maintenance. Further more, intelligence offers flexible service types such as on-demand AMS, SLA-based on-demand AMS, SLA-based committed volume AMS and solution-based AMS Application Support.

itelligence optimizes SAP ERP technology to offer cloud services to its clients. With SAP cloud offerings such as Success Factors, Hybris, Ariba, C4C, S/4Hana Cloud and ByD etc., itelligence provides cloud services to its clients devoid of hardware costs, on-premise maintenance costs and downtime.

Founded in Germany, itelligence, now a NTT DATA Business Solutions Company which is one of the top ten international system integrators in the World.

With deep-rooted values and a strong culture since inception, itelligence has been constantly creating success stories in the ERP realm.