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September - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
Envisaging being the leading experts in the analytics field with substantial capabilities in predictive, prescriptive as well as descriptive analytics necessary for simplifying business complexities, Mahindra Comviva treads sure footed in the Big Data Domain. more>>


Along with the combination of other add ons such as Apache sentrys, data teams are now able to extract more precise information from... more>>

In My Opinion

Big Data is about the variety of information it presents and not just the volume. And in this sea of big data, the challenge is in... more>>

Company of the Month

iPredictt is quite excited with the prospect of kick starting its US office within the next 2months. Observing the expeditious growth... more>>

Product of the Month

Currently, investing heavily on cutting-edge research around ML algorithms focussing on self-learning techniques and non-linear models,... more>>

Company Spotlight

With large and mid-sized System Integrators now partnering as SmartCirqls’ collaborators, SmartCirqls is all set to script the story... more>>

20 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers 2016

The advanced statistics and machine learning based content identification model further enabled the client to monitor around 15 news... more>>
The rapid increase in data-driven business culture is accompanying an augmented demand for easy-to-use analytics tools. more>>
MECBOT not only provides a unified interface for storing and querying datasets but also provides batch processing, stream processing and... more>>
The utility of Big Data processing and Advanced Analytics is only as good as the data quality. more>>
The Hexagon Smart M.App takes the tools generally reserved for a remote sensing scientist or GIS analyst and packages them into an... more>>
As a testimony to the solution’s success, the then portfolio size of 2MW has now grown to hit 400 MW + of solar assets and 450 MW+ of... more>>
At the engagement phase, client interaction and business problem are key drivers for implementations. more>>
Splunk offers Splunk Enterprise, its core solution that makes it simple to collect, analyze and act on the untapped value of data... more>>
This granular level of distinctive value identification gave insight into the customers’ behavior to choices and factors that influence... more>>
TechnoIdentity built a data system which tracks the necessary information of a citizen at the Gram panchayat level across several... more>>

CEO Insights

Over the past few years, the time organizations have at their disposal to make crucial decisions has been drastically reduced. more>>
For real innovation, companies should be agile and open source tools and standards can enable that. more>>

CIO Insights

Proliferation of affordable smartphones and tablets in developed and emerging markets are driving surge in data usage today, especially... more>>
The marketplace for IT solutions is so rich that it may be more expensive not to contract products and services. more>>
Objects are no longer just objects, they now have brains. more>>
Big data is helping us do the small data – knowing the customer intimately and providing personalized products/services. more>>

CXO Insights

A subsidiary of Tech Mahindra and a part of the USD 16.9 billion Mahindra Group, Mahindra Comviva extends solutions that spans over... more>>
Adoption will further be simplified with the increasing code automation that is on its way. And finally, with the efforts of a fast and... more>>
There are challenges that need to be overcome for implementing end-to-end digitization in Healthcare. more>>
The number of devices, their versatility in IO, built in intelligence and diversity is ever increasing. more>>
Like a juggernaut, technology is altering everything that it touches. The BFSI sector is no different. more>>
With the unprecedented growth of data, the need for real time processing is becoming mission critical and conventional relational... more>>