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September - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
Gone are the days of trusting only product expertise or sales personnel for influencing purchasing behaviour. Owing to the unprecedented advancement in digital technologies that close service gaps between enterprises and customers, a unique and personalized customer experience journey is the need... more>>

In My Opinion

In today’s era, technology set-ups are becoming increasingly complex as product features proliferate and business demands more... more>>

20 Most Promising Managed Service Providers 2016

The managed services market has been witnessing tremendous growth since 2015. Market statistics reveal that almost 60 percent of large... more>>
Currently, managed services are considered as indispensible ways for the enterprises to eliminate obstacles in their enterprise IT... more>>
As the name suggests, ServerBasket is all about servers, an online store where one can buy, manage and colocate servers. You can purchase... more>>
Managed Services has emerged as a lifesaver for businesses enabling them to outsource major IT operations for higher reliability and... more>>
With more and more companies going on board with the audio-video systems, more business are getting done through these platforms. And the... more>>

CEO Insights

The spending on Data Centers and related infrastructure is growing and how! In September 2015, Microsoft announced that it will be... more>>

CIO Insights

CIOs and their corporations are looking for the magic bullet to protect their intellectual property and the personally identifiable... more>>
Managed Services are skilled outsourcing functions that transfer, in-house functionalities to be managed by third party managed services... more>>
As the CIO of Southwest Airlines, my role is to think strategically, ensuring that our Technology organization plays a key part in... more>>
Analysts, experts, and observers often encourage CIOs to be aligned with the business. I disagree. Alignment is just the first step to a... more>>

CXO Insights

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the IT industry, and has gained significant momentum over the past few years across both consumer... more>>