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September - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
Axestrack is a fast growing brand ventured company dedicated to the field of GPS based vehicle tracking solutions and its exhaustive data analytics. more>>


We are on the edge of a mobile payment adoption and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that real cash will slowly diminish, at least when it... more>>

In My Opinion

We understand the dynamics of public cloud and private cloud pay and bring together the core data center and strategy to make sure how a... more>>

20 Most Promising Biometric Solution Providers 2016

Brihaspathi Technologies offers innovative and cost-effective technology services and solutions. more>>
Mantra is a manufacturer of large range of biometric products that works on all kind of biometrics technologies (Fingerprint, Face, Palm... more>>
Matrix currently bestows clients with products like Video Surveillance solutions, Access Control, Time-Attendance, IP-PBX, Universal... more>>
Star link facilitates Star Time Office Software to help organizations suffice the requisite. more>>
Travizia aims to design and develop highly versatile, intelligent yet cost effective and modular Infrastructure Management Suite suitable... more>>
Valisha Technologies with its ‘myattendance’ software Desktop & Web Version meets the needs to securely manage time attendance and... more>>

CEO Insights

Digital identity is evolving quickly and is becoming a key enabler across multiple portfolios; be it IoT, Security, mobile wallets or... more>>

CIO Insights

A traditional way would require traditional “customer identification” to be in place so that each of them can be acceptable in... more>>
The technology landscape has changed in the recent years and now is driven by customer adoption and consumer innovation. more>>

CXO Insights

BFSI sector neither had the best matured security practices nor was a comprehensive Regulatory Security compliance frame work in place. more>>
If your supply chain is nimble enough, you can also take advantage of real time analytics to place an order by detecting a potential... more>>
Biometric identification methods are automated and offer very fast, authentic & secured identification recognition. more>>
It is therefore imperative that organizations pay attention to maximizing the throughput of employees engaged in servicing IT users. more>>