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September - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
The data challenge is now pivotal to the regulatory solution. Disparate data from disparate source systems can be channeled by Lombard Risk through one platform to multiple regulators in multiple locations. more>>

In My Opinion

over the past few years, spear phishing attacks via highly targeted messages have been the primary vector of successful data breaches.... more>>

20 Most Promising Compliance Companies 2015

Often referred to as 'Guardians of Compliance', and being one of the rare few and initial product-based companies in the industry, APT... more>>
it is only reasonable to say that CIMCON will be adept in solving the GRC needs of their clients via the strategic and tactical use of... more>>
With timely alerts, notifications & escalations, ricago CMS works as a 24x7 dependable compliance assistant, as it ensures that... more>>
With companies increasingly going global, governments around the world have taken up the job of protecting consumers and companies... more>>
"Logesys is driven by the passion to provide organizations with increased revenues while helping it to mitage risks" more>>
“For people who have been given the responsibility to comply with regulations, it’s important to understand that any lapse has its... more>>
The company provides cost easing to its clients through its compliance technology solutions which run on an yearly licensing mode... more>>
The company invests in refining their Tax and Compliance Automation Platform, so that any business automation system that uses software... more>>
Companies remain oblivious to these dangers, and face with problems that are inevitable. Governance, Regulations and Compliance or GRC as... more>>

CIO Insights

Quality monitoring is another process that can significantly benefit from sensor-ERP integration. more>>
We are progressively moving towards a “mobile first” world. Mobile is now becoming a mainstream medium for different types of... more>>

CXO Insight

To sum up, transfer switches are a small component in the overall equipment landscape of a data centre and hence often overlooked. more>>
Oracle Database In-Memory Option simplifies development and management, curtails the cost by purging the need for separate databases and... more>>
The decoupling of the surface layer from the underlying wireframe elements and logical structure of the data to be represented has... more>>
The security of mission-critical application data in shared Clouds or virtual machines is a concern for companies that want to virtualize... more>>