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October - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
NASSCOMM, in a study, revealed that India is leading in the global knowledge services market with the availability of a huge talent pool. The market has grown from a negligible base 10 years ago to an expected $7.9 Billion back in 2015 but it did not. more>>

In My Opinion

Since the advent of digital revolution and adoption of more agile methodologies and principles for execution of IT projects, the role of... more>>

20 Most Promising Enterprise Architecture Solution Providers 2016

Enterprise Architecture solutions are now moving towards emerging technologies such as cloud and enterprise mobility. The evolution has... more>>
Today’s businesses rely on advanced technologies for maximizing efficiencies, accomplishing business goals and improving revenues to... more>>
The buzzword ‘Digital’ has much significance in today’s enterprise business scenario. Nowadays, many enterprises rely on Enterprise... more>>

CIO Insights

Enterprises globally are undergoing business transformation. Organisations and corporate world have been searching for ways to enhance... more>>
Enterprise Architecture (EA) discipline has become an enduring, but one of the most challenged IT concepts of our time. The last two... more>>
Benefits of Cloud Computing for IT Infrastructure The benefits are clear and real. Cloud computing has the power to simplify and... more>>
Let me start by briefly explaining what Enterprise Architecture (EA) is, its purpose and benefits, why an organization needs EA and who... more>>
With 20 years of experience in diverse industries, Mandar Marulkar demonstrates skills in Effective Execution of IT strategy and driving... more>>

CXO Insights

“100 percent of my revenues come from my IT infrastructure. If our servers aren’t available, making applications and data... more>>
Most industry verticals in India understand the value of data and the need to extract actionable intelligence for competitive advantage.... more>>
My career has been centered on both the evolution and simplification of enterprise architectures for large enterprises. more>>