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October - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
Most of the service providers in India are focused on delivering public cloud services based on standard enterprise private cloud architectures. more>>

Company of the Month

Ninestars works with customers to package their digital collections into downloadable files on applications on their mobile devices.... more>>

In My Opinion

Cloud can be an important accelerator for businesses, as new applications can be turned on quickly in the cloud, enabling LOB managers to... more>>

20 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers 2015

Every client has unique demand cycles for simulations, and Altair solutions offer a variety of flexible ways to meet their requirements. more>>
ALTEN Calsoft Labs focuses on other industries such as Health Care, Education, High –Tech, Networking and Telecom, Retail and Internet... more>>
To ensure clients applications are migrated with minimum hassle within a short period of time, Aptus with its best practices eliminates... more>>
The lab supports a scalable set of VMs, and is capable of building an organization that is focused on a continuous exploration in various... more>>
While staying abreast with the major breakthroughs in the networking and security front, Comguard’s team of experienced security... more>>
Recently, hackers and security researchers converged in Las Vegas at the Black Hat 2015 Conference, to reveal the latest and greatest... more>>
The ISO 27001 certified organization assures and matches International Standard of quality in the delivery of services and is able to... more>>
The company launched free trial sessions for custom solutions, delivered by its Cloud IaaS and proffered Assurance and Accountability of... more>>
iYogi’s telematics solution which uses DSC at its core, helps monitor vehicle parameters in real time, improving driver safety and... more>>
With strong roots in the Middle East, Kaar Technologies is managed by a techno-functional team and a pool of experienced SAP consultants. more>>
Locuz effectively investigated the root cause and fixed the issue mainly because of its engineering capabilities and by virtue of running... more>>
The Company furnishes SLAs, designed to meet the requirements of enterprises of all sizes, with high levels of security and flexible... more>>
Being an ardent player in the cloud industry, NetEdge understands the need of the SMEs to move from the on premise to cloud. more>>
SecurView distinguishes itself from its peers because it tackles security challenges while ensuring zero compromises on Cloud and... more>>
Think provides superior cloud based services like the Think Business Email, Web Design and Application Development that form the core of... more>>
The company takes pride in maintaining its policy of delivering on time projects with an assurance of optimum return on client’s... more>>

CIO Insights

In an industry that is being revolutionized by sweeping regulations like Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the new evolving models from both... more>>
The industry focus has historically been on business connectivity with key partners, including dealers and suppliers. more>>
We are now in an era where businesses are no longer limited to just using their own employees. You can now source talent in the crowd in... more>>

CEO Insights

The adoption of a digital journey plan and the switch to a fully developed digital ecosystem is a necessity that companies have in order... more>>

CXO Insight

Research shows that every industry is adopting the Cloud computing way of life in leaps and bounds – primarily because it brings... more>>
The cloud is the fastest path to innovation; Companies falter in figuring out their needs of using either a public cloud or a private one... more>>
It is important to have an agile and small team, and I need to bring in rapid development, control checking and high quality into the... more>>
For marketers living in this melting pot of algorithms and machines, the human interface is critical to evolving appropriately.... more>>
With the help of cloud hosted O/BSS, CSPs automatically shift towards reducing Capex in favor of an Opex model, freeing organization to... more>>
It’s not only cloud computing technology that is the driving force for business innovation. It is the advent of multiple disruptive... more>>
Lack of awareness about tele radiology is another constraint to its growth. Finally, a lack of respect for contracts and focus on price... more>>