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October - 2013 Issue
Cover Story
Akin to many new technologies that affirmed to be the next big phenomenon , Cloud computing promised to cause a big impact in the enterprise world. more>>

Company of the Month

With an ever increasing demand for better IT infrastructure and support, the industry is looking for reliable and cost effective means... more>>

Entrepreneur of the Month

Entrepreneurship begins with a business idea, and an entrepreneur's success depends on how well the idea is executed and built upon. more>>

10 Most Promising IMS Companies

With technology becoming all pervasive, businesses are increasingly focused on optimizing their IT infrastructure and related operations... more>>
India is a growing destination for Infrastructure Management services but it is a highly commoditized service market, strongly competing... more>>
Byte Technosys, a focused ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) company is an 11 year old firm that has a firm policy to meet... more>>
The software consulting services are one of the major contributors to the productivity of enterprises. more>>
Companies today are struggling to significantly improve visibility into the performance of their IT infrastructure while still reducing... more>>
GAVS (Galvanizing Success) has grown to be a leading player in the global IT services and solutions delivery market. more>>
Customers across the globe are looking to consolidate and rationalize their IT service operations for cost efficient and high quality... more>>
To manage, optimize, and automate distributed and mainframe operating systems, servers, storage, networks, middleware and hardware, all... more>>
Maintec Technologies, has emerged to become a leading player in the IMS sector with state-of-the-art complete data centre facility and... more>>
With an ever increasing demand for better IT infrastructure and support, the industry is looking for reliable and cost effective means... more>>
ValueLabs is a global IT services and consulting company providing complete Product Life Cycle, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)... more>>

In My Opinion

Ask investors, analysts and executives to name the most innovative industry and most will say technology. more>>

Meet the CIO

In regards to the IT industry, the main trends are to empower our employees through mobile solutions and access to real time information... more>>
There are various disruptive technologies shaping the industry to deliver business innovation. more>>
The major challenges that CIOs face today is to align budgets and solutions to be delivered successfully. more>>

View Point

IT service management is about process, where both virtualization and data center infrastructure management rely on processes. more>>
Today, mainframe plays a vital role in the daily operations of most of the world’s largest corporations. more>>
The mobile applications market in India is skyrocketing and many brands are hopping on the bandwagon. more>>
Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS) is a systematic and 'holistic management' approach to make an organization's workflow... more>>
In bringing insights from a Managing Director and CEO at Siemens Technology India, one can take pride in working for an organization... more>>
In 2011 NTT Docomo, the largest mobile phone operator in Japan, announced that around 2.5 million of its customers were facing a major... more>>