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November - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
Red Hat has been supporting the mandate from the Indian government to encourage the adoption of the Open Source by organizations within the nation. more>>

Company of the Month

One of the key areas in which companies seek out Srijan’s service is for outsourced product development. more>>

In My Opinion

Supervised Learning is training the machine to infer from labelled data. The common techniques used here are Bayesian networks, expert... more>>

20 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers 2015

Readers nowadays, desire maximum flexibility, varying from availability of content when- where- how and to the device platform they desire. more>>
Development using an agile methodology preserves a product’s critical market relevance and ensures a team’s work doesn’t wind up on... more>>
There is a paradigm shift in the atmosphere of the business due to changing tides in the sea of technologies. more>>
Sahaj proffers solutions like Service design, Technology and Delivery services, Consulting and Technology Enablement. more>>
TenXLabs helps its clients reduce licensing costs by using open source tools in lieu of COTS tools. more>>
Zerone’s previous expertise in conversion and migration, reverse engineering, application re-write and architectural restructuring, the... more>>
Hosting a deep-seated wisdom in the domain of Microsoft, open source, mobile and cloud technologies, has helped Verbat technology, to... more>>
Virtusa’s Platform approach is embodied in a set of proprietary processes, tools, frameworks and approach that stands in contrast to... more>>

CIO Insights

To begin with, customers used the online channel to order packaged foods and other household goods such as electrical appliances and... more>>
It is exactly like when complexity outgrows, speed is getting accelerated every day time bound delivery and decision on technologies will... more>>
Hyper converged infrastructures will also be demanding data center consolidation in a software-centric design that would be responsible... more>>
The systems will need to be protected by cloud-specific anti-virus software. Follow the best practices for IP Addressing and DNS, based... more>>

CXO Insight

The volume and variety of information – both structured and unstructured - is exploding. There isn’t one common data source that... more>>
CIOs, especially in emerging markets like India, while contemplating the adoption of cloud will be forced to take the step sooner than... more>>
Brocade Fabric Vision Technology combines the capabilities of the Gen 5 Fibre Channel ASIC, Brocade Fabric OS and Brocade Network Advisor... more>>