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May - 2016 Issue
CIO Insights
The hybrid cloud includes a heap to supply SME’s; however those edges don’t come back with not notable challenges and risks. That shouldn’t deter SME’s from adopting cloud solutions just like the hybrid cloud; however they ought to enact the strategy knowing fully well the potential... more>>

Cover Story

“IoT is all about enabling connectivity and embedded intelligence in devices so that the future IoT devices can deliver connected... more>>


All of these might seem exaggerated to us today, but they all begin with a single step, i.e giving the power of analysis and data... more>>

In My Opinion

India will be contributing more and more to the IPs and the innovations of Unisys being embedded into the products –which will be our... more>>

Company of the Month

Established by a leadership with consulting experience of around two decades; PrimeNumerics is an analytics company that primarily... more>>

20 Most Promising Internet of Things Solution Providers 2016

With an escalating growth trajectory, that Gartner predicts to reach 26 billion units by 2020, IoT and its smart devices are poised to... more>>
A young IoT company with a unique pitch of productive solutions, Chipmonk expounds IoT adaptation and roadmap in order to maximize... more>>
CloseConnexions aims to bring affordable healthcare products to people with lower incomes who can’t afford hefty hospital bills. more>>
With an assortment of customers from Research to defence and commercial sectors, EIGEN’s team aims to continue bringing in their... more>>
The organization also pledges to continue supporting the ‘Make in India’ movement with products being designed and manufactured in... more>>
With a belief that management comes from measurement and control; Gaia accomplishes a complete solution for managing water. more>>
National Instruments is objectively working with innovators to develop smarter products and technologies and to provide support &... more>>
Onebee offers unmatched quality and deliver uncompromised user experience. more>>
The organization accomplishes a full-fledged IoT Device Management and Service Delivery Platform- “xFusion”. more>>
Tevatron was incepted with the vision of becoming an end-to-end provider of IoT based ESDM (Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing)... more>>

CXO Insights

Headquartered in Beijing, China, Le Ecosystem is a library of online movies & dramas, copyrighted sports videos, and professional... more>>
Many companies are focused on products, services or software based on traditional business model. more>>
We can safely conclude that if finance is to accurately understand the value of their business then data management is crucial. more>>
IoT is being driven by the exponential growth of smart devices, a conflux of low-cost technologies such as miniaturized sensors, wireless... more>>
The organization culture needs to be such that it can absorb and assimilate out-of-the-box ideas regardless of where they come from... more>>
To maximise the potential gains from this huge mass of data, ERP systems must be flexible, intelligent and act in real time. more>>