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March - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
Israel headquartered Check Point is one of the promising and long time security vendors who has established a strong footprint and maintained relevance in the market of security solutions with its comprehensive network security offerings for protection of organizations from the latest and... more>>

Company of the Month

Quick heal, initially formed with the motive of fulfilling the demand of reliable solutions for prevention of data breaches has been... more>>

In My Opinion

We all know what the digital economy means – an explosion of data, brilliant new ideas and upstart companies with disruptive concepts... more>>

20 Most Promising Enterprise IT Security Solution Providers 2016

As Businesses chart out their plans for 2016, they armor up taking valuable leaves from the lessons that 2015 illustrated in the IT... more>>
Celebrating a triple digit growth year on year, the company has its heart set on providing fast and secure application and network access... more>>
EnCrust facilitates IT and organizational management with guidelines for prioritizing issues and working out the products and services... more>>
With flexibility and accessibility of cloud-based technologies, increasing data and more mobile workers, organizations are confronted... more>>
ESS Distribution promotes software products through a large channel network with product sales divided in 3 verticals: Paper License,... more>>
With thriving implementations to their credit, the company is looking forward to empower the SMB market segment while simultaneously... more>>
An RSA Research report found cyber crime increasing 11 percent year over year leading enterprises into adjusting their security measures.... more>>
The company intends to be the biggest Intelligent Key Management for Encryption Company, 10 years down the lane. more>>

CIO Insights

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu taught that attackers should "avoid what is strong and…strike at what is weak." more>>
Based in Santa Ana, California, Stearns, since 1989, is a leading provider of mortgage lending services across the U.S. more>>
As information technology becomes more pervasive familiar and central to our everyday experience the role of an enterprise level CIO can... more>>
Formed and Headquartered in Mumbai since 1988, Financial Technologies group is the pioneer in introducing an end-to-end STP solution that... more>>
Analytics for me is presenting information in a way which aids decision making, which aids in finding out what is wrong and what is right... more>>
In today’s fast paced technology, data security & IT governance are key concerns and top priorities of companies. The pace of threats... more>>

CXO Insights

Brands are up in arms to find new ways to connect with their target audience on digital, while also fighting for maximized reach through... more>>
As per McKinsey, the software development is happening at a 17 percent of the original time because of automation and other straight... more>>
Along the same line, corporate spend towards Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) should be tax deductible to encourage companies... more>>

CEO Insights

Havas Media Group in India is the media division of the global communications group of Havas and includes Havas Media and Arena. They... more>>
It’s evident that technology has changed the way we communicate, transact, analyze and even take critical business decisions. more>>