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March - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
According to Gartner, the global spending on public cloud services is expected to grow to $210 billion in 2016. This study clearly heralds the revolutionary impact of Cloud on the IT world as the adoption rate is slated to grow smoothly year on year. more>>


Enterprises’ massive transitions to cloud technologies have given a significant impact on the way technology is managed, purchased,... more>>

Company of the Month

The adoption of SMAC and wide acceptance of BYOD have accelerated rapidly across various industry sectors along with the exponential... more>>


Today, cloud computing has emerged as an important solution for enterprises looking to ease their computing needs and accomplish business... more>>
Adoption of latest technologies has become essential for sustainability and growth of enterprises. Among various technologies, cloud... more>>
The United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO)Tourism 2020 Vision forecasts that international arrivals are expected to reach... more>>
The demand for video communication in business is increasing, driven primarily by consumer’s growing demands. The rapid adoption of... more>>
Businesses from heterogeneous verticals are inclining towards cloud computing services due to its flexibility to deliver customized CRM... more>>
Cloud Service and Storage solutions offer valuable IT solutions with various benefits such as cost savings along with simplified... more>>
Growth of the cloud-platform industry is going to be exponential, as cloud virtualization is being increasingly appreciated globally and... more>>

CIO Insights

Over the last decade, telecom sector in India has witnessed unprecedented growth on the backdrop of new customer acquisitions. Telcos... more>>
Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk around buzzwords such as Smart Cities, SMAC (Social Mobility Analytics and Cloud),... more>>
The technology landscape has changed in the recent years and now is driven by customer adoption and consumer innovation. more>>

View Point

Let us assume a scenario. Dr. Manohar Lal is a general surgeon. He works in a hospital wherein he has an OPD (outpatient department) to... more>>
Today’s enterprises need to be innovative and agile to be at the forefront of the industry and to explore the new frontiers of the... more>>
Billions of dollars have been spent building highly redundant data center facilities in order to deliver high availability IT solutions... more>>
Meticulously designed to satisfy the needs of today’s IT professionals, open Hybrid cloud is not a product but a way of delivering an... more>>
The IT sector is undergoing change, a positive one in the form of Cloud, looking for maximum performance with minimal effort more>>


Email connectivity, VoIP, file sharing, web meetings and a robust IT infrastructure has forever been the backbone of many SMEs. For many... more>>