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June - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
You are out with your family for a weekend trip away from the all the humdrums on your private vehicle with a sole aim of spending some quality time with them. You stop near a place to grab a quick breakfast and your eyes suddenly catch the glimpse of the big “NO-PARKING” board. more>>

20 Most Promising IoT Companies

The rapid machine-to-machine and machine-to-people interaction in the realm of IoT has brought in tremendous growth of data across all... more>>
An IT company based out of Pune was witnessing unprecedented increase in Energy bills, making the systems and devices prone to stress and... more>>
Over the years, hospitals and healthcare industries have been collating medical data and information to ensure early health measures for... more>>
Vehicle Telematics has become a major game changer for the automotive industry. As one gets complete real time information of fleet... more>>
According to Indian Orthopedic Association, the number of accidents per thousand vehicles in India is as high as 35, while the figures... more>>
Axelta is an end to end IoT service provider. Axelta offers Remote Asset Management service for Security. Axelta has built the entire... more>>
The power of action-at-a-distance was once endowed upon technology enthusiasts by initiating IoT and its by-products such as BYOD and DIY. more>>


IT has created an unprecedented opportunity for new e-commerce companies. How are CIOs balancing this with added customer experience? more>>

View Point

IoT as a new age innovation is gaining momentum and is all set to establish an intricate and complex web of relationship between... more>>
In the enterprise world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been said to greatly affect the way businesses are operated. more>>
GlobalLogic headquartered in CA, United States is a provider of full-lifecycle product development services including software product... more>>
Technology has assumed with great significance for businesses of all kinds. We are witnessing an important chapter of history being... more>>
While hot technologies emerge at the speed of light in the universe of IT, the questions we debate tend to remain static. more>>

CIO Insights

Many companies are focused on products, services or software based on traditional business model. They identify the most important... more>>
Walldorf, Germany headquartered SAP was founded in 1972. Based on market capitalization, SAP is the world’s third largest independent... more>>
The digital customer is different! With internet and smart phones becoming an integral part of life, there are various stimuli on TV... more>>


However agile the infrastructure is, if the collected data is not managed effectively, the whole process is meaningless. more>>