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July - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
2010 witnessed an explosion within cable networks in common urban Indian households. more>>


We all know what the digital economy means – an explosion of data, brilliant new ideas and upstart companies with disruptive concepts... more>>

20 Most Promising BPM Solution Providers

Every organization wants to turn around a stumbling business, but turning around a business requires relentless toil. more>>
In the past two decades, the public and private sectors have shown heightened keenness to business processes, a change in the whole... more>>
Business Process Management (BPM) which initially started out as work flow management has advanced over the years. more>>

CIO Insights

Customer Lifecycle Management is the central concern and primary lifeline of the retail industry, since a retailer’s success is... more>>
It’s time for IT to re-think the way it’s supporting business and take the lead to drive business rather than just enable it. more>>
For today's teams, increasing virtual teams of remote workers, this is the way businesses get Work done and technology makes it possible. more>>

CEO Spotlight

With consistent and effective Software Asset Management (SAM) practices in place, your business is more efficient and can respond quickly... more>>

CXO Spotlight

PM products have evolved significantly over the last decade. The technology has not only moved ahead, but also has contributed to the... more>>
Today, owing to the tremendous pace of technical innovation, organizations face a variety of threats to their business models. New... more>>
FireEye recently released a report on a threat group we call APT 30 – one of many threat groups we track. more>>
A few years back, the companies were not connected with the end consumer. more>>

In Focus

In a business, activities are defined and bounded by processes. When the process management is introduced to ‘social’, it directs to... more>>
Digital India, an umbrella scheme, flagged off by Prime Minister on July 1st, aims at empowering citizens with the use of IT and... more>>
Sharing of the company-wide processes (making the process model known / compiling the process in Manuals) more>>


The technological foundation for this shift has been developing for the last several years and is now ready to take center stage. more>>