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July - 2014 Issue
Cover Story
While there are many takers for the 'Big Data' concept, some use it in parts, where they soon realize the value they derive is not tangible or in some situations where without the right tools and abilities to look at the right parameters, they end up taking decisions that may not hold... more>>

Company Spotlight

The Kolkata-based company is renowned for surpassing customers' expectations by catering creative ideas dipped in up-to-the-second... more>>

20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Software Companies

Travelers have immense options and they expect great customer experience at minimum cost. Delivering personalized services to the... more>>
Most companies lie on the same platform offering similar services to clients. It has become imperative to create a niche by becoming more... more>>
Travel and tourism in India is a high-taxed industry while major concerns relating to the security in online transactions still persist. more>>
Going through profitability issues, the airlines, corporate, travel agents and other players of the industry are all looking for cheaper,... more>>
The company recognized a huge gap in online travel booking solutions where without significant capital investment; online travel... more>>
The accelerated rate of consumer tools and flood of traveler data has created a big challenge for travel service providers. more>>
To excel in their businesses, the companies have to employ and execute cost-effective and customizable solutions that deliver a... more>>
In the realm of travel industry which has witnessed a considerable growth in its automation processes and networking of distribution... more>>
With the unique abilities of blending information and communication technologies in transportation infrastructure the new solution has... more>>
The history of hospitality dates all the way back to late 1700s. Since then, the industry has witnessed a significant development over... more>>
Unfortunately the strict downtime requirements turn out to be a common threat that every domain faces and it is relatively high for a... more>>
The Indian market was introduced to the concept of planning and booking travel in early 2000. Since then, the online travel market is... more>>
The technology consulting boomed in 1990s and funneled more money into the business world leveraging sectors to harness the benefits of... more>>
The number of management models drop down when we look at those systems which can also address the smallest needs of all the divisions. more>>
Merging travel with the current lifestyle of people is a difficult ordeal to manage and there is a dire need of a magical touch of... more>>
Ness Software Product Labs set up an exclusive software development lab for the company and took end-to-end responsibility of the mobile... more>>
The widespread use of the Internet has created a number of game-changing conditions in the modern travel space leading way to the births... more>>
Concerning the predicament, the fastest growing sectors like Travel & Hospitality domains are also running behind the best IT services... more>>
With the advancement, there still exists a setback in getting the appropriate and quicker deal for users' search. more>>
Travel agencies in order to lead in the competitive market look out for more efficient, customer-friendly yet innovative software... more>>
The landscape of the travel domain is evolving dramatically and the speedy growth of the industry requires classy and refined information... more>>

In My Opinion

While there was huge amount of uncertainty, volatility and ambiguity in the marketplace in the past few years, there is a lot of optimism... more>>

CEO ViewPoint

Rich with possibilities, these young, vibrant new economies are just starting to flex their muscles, but by 2050 many are projected to... more>>

CIO Insights

The Indian IT industry has gone through several changes over the past few years. Virtualisation of the Data Centers has resulted in huge... more>>

CXO Viewpoint

Historically, the process of product development has been complicated, elongated and costly. Be it any product, it has to pass through... more>>
Healthcare has not remained only a curative area but significant development is taking place in various aspects. more>>
India has a dubious classification of being the largest importer of defense equipments. Today with the policy decisions, the government... more>>
Even after nationalization of major commercial banks, a large proportion of the rural people & area were outside the banking fold. more>>


The government has granted Rs.1000 crore for Travel & Hospitality sector in the fiscal year budget of 2014-15 that tabled this month. more>>