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July - 2013 Issue
Cover Story
The high demand for IT services is driven by the rapid technological advances and this demand will continue to grow for many coming decades. The largely fragmented industry is host to multitudes of players making it difficult for enterprises and CIO's to put their finger on the solution provider... more>>

Company of the Month

Technical innovations and market trends have led to proliferation of Wi-Fi. But with its rapid expansion, also comes the necessity of... more>>

Company Spotlight

It is estimated that the total retail sales in India will grow from $395.96 billion in 2011 to $785.12 billion by 2015, according to... more>>

10 Most Promising Retail Software & Solution

The booming retail sector in India is worth $500 billion. With an annual growth rate of about 20 percent, it is still largely dominated... more>>
The retail ecosystem has come a long way from merely selling a product to selling experience to customers. 'Kirana stores' are becoming a... more>>
CitiXsys is a pioneer in retail technology innovation that helps retailers connect with shoppers more effectively thereby increasing... more>>
When the global economy had taken a turn for the worse in 2008, there were people who had planned ahead and waited it out. GreeneStep... more>>
LOGIC ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd., under the aegis of its Managing Director –Swarndeep Singh, is a company that intervened into IT Services... more>>
Many retail chains today are faced with the disadvantage of being at least a generation behind in the advancement of technology, in stark... more>>
Over 1000 e-Commerce startups have come up in the last three years, in India alone. This in turn brings immense space to a huge market... more>>


There has always been a tug of war between 'Leadership' and 'Management' for the top notch. Even though they overlap each other, they are... more>>

Meet the CIO

The industry is being reshaped by a number of disruptive technological advancements and trends today. The continued rise of a mobilized... more>>
To make the global mobile enterprise a reality, we must work on keeping the IT strategy aligned with the business strategy and... more>>
Mobile payment technologies are definitely at the top of my list. Today the mobile wallet is being pushed by Google, PayPal and other... more>>
Another big challenge for us in 2013 includes building technology infrastructure for Health Care Reform initiatives such as Affordable... more>>

View Point

The global cyber security situation has reached a tipping point, where the volume and frequency of attacks penetrating an... more>>
"Consumer centricity" is becoming a larger reality each day. You do not need to declare that "customer is king", they already are and the... more>>
Security and development are known to have a tumultuous–if not antagonistic–relationship with each other. more>>
Philips is all about innovation, digital innovation. The foremost priority is to analyze which product can be digitalized and made... more>>

CEO Spotlight

In the financial technology market, there is a disruptive trend of mobile devices driving convergence of previously specialized systems... more>>
There is a dramatic rise in the number and complexity of mobile applications. Customers are not only building mobile applications from... more>>
The so-called move to the cloud is the biggest change in IT since the advent of client-server distributed systems. more>>


I was extremely fortunate to have grown up listening to folktales and family history from my grandparents and parents, a tradition which... more>>