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January - 2014 Issue
Cover Story
The deployment of High Performance Computing in India has been on a sturdy expansion curve. The scenario opens up situations where an optimal sum of Knowledge capital and Intellectual property can be generated. more>>

25 Most Promising Storage Providers in India

As the pool of enterprise solution providers continues to increase, the companies that come out successful will be those organizations... more>>
Network-based storage is popular these days because it allows data to be shared among many users using a medium and technology that... more>>
The exponential increase in the data storage and backup requirements over the last couple of years is evident today; a testimony to which... more>>
With burgeoning data creation,storage, backup and recovery has become an important area of concern and constant evolution is evident. more>>
Data storage has become a crucial aspect of every enterprise’s growth and increasingly so in the last three decades. more>>
Data backup and preparedness for quick recovery in case of disasters has always been a big challenge for enterprises. more>>
Documents are necessary assets in providing various public services and enabling business transactions in a democratic environment... more>>
WD, a Western Digital company, is a long-time innovator and storage industry leader. Established in 1970, WD is headquartered in Irvine,... more>>

In My Opinion

The global cyber security market is expected to grow to $120.1 billion by 2017, at an estimated CAGR of 11.3 percent. more>>

CIO Insights

India is today one of the top emerging markets in the global pharmaceutical market. The sector is highly knowledge based and its steady... more>>
Information Technology has become the backbone of industry today more>>
Information Technology is today making its need and presence felt in almost every domain of the industry. more>>
The health of the insurance sector reflects a country’s economy. more>>
Businesses today are tasked with the ongoing responsibility of constantly understanding the evolving trends in technological development... more>>
Almost all industries today have got most of their operations computerized; not just the big pharmacy companies but also the mid level... more>>
The future of Information Technology in enterprises is being defined by several emerging trends. more>>
In the last decade the Indian industry, which has been expeditiously evolving, has witnessed a paradigm shift from being highly... more>>

View Point

The benchmark has risen higher for improved quality of software managed by IT organizations which was meant for the benefit of their... more>>
Every domain of the industry is today experiencing the impact of the disruptive technologies hitting the deck. more>>
Today’s cyber-attacks and data breaches are more sophisticated than ever. more>>
Secure mobility infrastructure for organizations is going to become one of the major norms in the days to come and its impact can be felt... more>>


The global economy is trending towards a very positive growth. more>>