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February - 2016 Issue
Cover Story
India has become one of the key penetrating markets for unified communication (UC) solutions in the APAC region. more>>

Company of the Month

Similarly, integration into existing infrastructure showed high importance for enterprises too. more>>

Company Spotlight

The company presently sees traction from customers based out of South East Asia and Middle East; and expects to associate with more... more>>

20 Most Promising Unified Communications Solution Providers 2016

All that company needs to do is to put the entire C-Zentrix enterprise contact center platform over cloud and ask all the units in the... more>>
Sonus, a company headquartered in the United States, solves the aforementioned challenges by offering next-generation Cloud-based... more>>
StreamOn’s product architecture is built on proven scalable platforms, which supports APIs and XML interfaces for third party integration. more>>
The extension of company’s capabilities is expected to include the greater harnessing of machine learning technologies to assist... more>>
Some of the VoIP offerings of Voxvalley are Vox Client Configuration Server, Vox Bridge, Vox Switch, and Vox Transcoder. more>>

CIO Insights

However, the addition of the big data stream into the data layer, challenges the tier model on the data side, when it comes to the... more>>
A home loan customer can be offered term insurance to cover the liability of the loan, a recently married individual can be offered... more>>
The eCommerce industry grew 2.5-3 times in 2015 and will likely maintain its high growth rate in the coming years. more>>

CXO Insight

Intense customer focus, a data-centric approach and instant outreach are key success factors for an operator today. more>>
‘Getting it right’ means using a combination of these two approaches, in a seamless way, based on the needs of the user. more>>
Given that most of the operations are in and around villages where net connectivity is a far cry and power outages are a common scenario,... more>>