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December - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
For access to capital, Trepup may soon have a dedicated location that aggregates updated information on grants and development loans. more>>

In My Opinion

Define information security strategies after carefully identifying and protecting critical information such as customer credentials,... more>>

Companies of the Year 2015

A distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEO’s, CIOs, VCs, IT innovators and analysts, spanning across a host of verticals,... more>>


This ability removes limitations of any type, in terms of the type of applications that can be built. more>>

B2B Account Receivables Servicing

TanServ provided a focused approach through multi-channel approach to effectively collect majority of the AR within the predetermined... more>>

Best pay-TV content security provider

Conax recognizes that building expertise on content security alone will not be sufficient, because operators will want more services from... more>>


The hallmark of our Analytics capability is our strong focus on data management and governance along with a highly differentiated... more>>

Building Automation

Since the last couple of years, mass awareness and end user demand for automated homes has witnessed introduction of newer and innovative... more>>

Clinical Research Solutions

Encouraged by the overwhelming response received for SyMetric C6 Suite, the Company is currently working on customized Electronic Health... more>>

Consumer Packaged Goods

With founding aspiration of being the first Product Company in emerging technology space and redefining the evolution of the space(a... more>>

Cyber Security Consultants

Armed with expertise across digital security disciplines, E2Labs provides clear and concise guidance to any organization accompanied... more>>

Data Analytics and Signing Solution

The adoption of electronic signature has gradually gained pace over the past several years, in industries as sundry as higher education,... more>>

Digital Media

Similarly, with the advent of digital video, the power to build culture on the back of media has transitioned from the hands of... more>>

Disaster Recovery

The SUREedge software appliance serves as the middleman in a large migration process and along with managing the Migration process; more>>

Engineering & Design

With such determination and enthusiasm, simulation giant ANSYS in India is prepared to lend its expertise to meet engineering and... more>>


Established in the year 1997, as a small software setup, Antares System Ltd has been catering electronic procurement services to... more>>

ERP Real Estate

With 100’s of clients and tens of thousands of users being served with services varying from Concept to Design, to executing on the... more>>

Global Travel Wholesaler

Travel Designer Group has become a valuable organization globally and everyone would like to get associated with it in some way or the... more>>


For each of these patients, investigation orders can then be placed, drugs can be prescribed, assessment forms and specific clinical... more>>

Healthcare Informatics

The company through strategic alliances and partnerships, bridge the gap between the technocrats and clinical experts, and is looking... more>>

HR Practices

Besides, Sahaj has taken a resolution to carry a new ‘open salary’ approach, where the company has decided to be candid in sharing... more>>

Insurance Software Solutions

With a clientele base from 13 countries of Asia & Africa, ranging from African Reinsurance Corporation, National Insurance Corporation of... more>>

Integrated Faculty Management

With clients from varied industries-IIM (Ahmedabad) from Education; Vodafone from telecom; TCS from IT services sector; Crisil from... more>>


Spectranet leverages the power of its 100 percent optic fiber network to design innovative BIA products that render an amazing internet... more>>

LBS & RTLS solutions

Dynakode have build a very strong foundation, and made their way in last 5 years. It’s time to present to the world the possibilities... more>>

Microsoft LAR

The company aims to ensure through its solutions and products the clients have the advantage to reap maximum benefits from their Cloud... more>>

POS & Inventory Management Solutions

POS systems are by far one of the most complex of software because of the features that are required by different end-users. The... more>>

Private cloud and Virtual Desktops

The year of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) is yet to come although every year recently has been touted as the year of VDI.... more>>

Product Design House

Cupola recently expanded its operations in India, with the inauguration of its second development center in Bangalore. The company is... more>>


For Cnetric, 2016 is about inspiring the domestic market – using our international experience to distil the complex, and deliver a... more>>

Retail Solution

The retail trajectory is bent on converging customer touch points to personify consumer experience. more>>


Like many technology trends, ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) has entered into the realm of buzzwords that can be confusing sometimes. more>>


Steelwedge’s PlanStreaming platform leverages the Silicon Valley innovation much like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Box and other modern... more>>

Support Interaction Optimization

Additionally, the real-time analytics capture and process data on every interaction and produce the results in an interactive data... more>>

Technical Support Services

About 80 percent of the solutions can be obtained once a user signs up with SupportMart services. more>>

Travel Expense Management software

Expenzing software products streamline and optimize the workflows for management of all expenses in an organization other than employee... more>>

CIO Insights

High performers of the future will be those who position themselves at the centre of the emerging digital ecosystems. Technology is... more>>
Evaluating cloud solutions at the time of Infrastructure revamp would be ideal as cloud could provide better solutions at cheaper cost. A... more>>
Application distribution mechanism has to be thought through before apps are launched. One has to decide whether APK file or executable... more>>
CIO's are facing huge challenge for implementing the new technology over the Healthcare IT. Wearable device and remote patient monitoring... more>>
In order to address these challenges, organizations need to move from Siloed Asset management to Collaborative asset management. more>>
Finally, it's very important when choosing a cloud testing provider to understand the service-level agreement (SLA). more>>
There is a need of enhancement in the current solution to be able to adapt to the evolving business processes and industry dynamics. more>>
Digital Transformation can only be achieved through a major change in people culture, skills and capability. more>>
Mother Dairy by leveraging technology strives to deliver happy food so that there are many more happy people. more>>
But speed is of the essence, the time to move forward and capture this opportunity is now. more>>
Research shows that every industry is adopting the Cloud computing way of life in leaps and bounds – primarily because it brings... more>>
Looking forward, I see the emergence of mobile applications that will serve as a digital wallet for insurance (financial services). more>>
We could potentially even lower our premiums while our customers enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle and yet still be protected by... more>>

CXO Insight

Drawing conclusions that leads to major marketing decisions based on isolated data sources is sure way for disaster. more>>
If the answer is yes, then costs and complexity will continue to increase. In the future, IT teams should consider how to extend the... more>>
The benefits of cloud are impressive. 40 percent of respondents in a new study from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services claim that... more>>
Needless to say, this eco-system will be realized via a comprehensive level of IT automation working in tandem, which essentially... more>>
Today successful enterprise have stopped talking about processes but are talking about use cases, that’s because “people” have... more>>
How can we measure uptime? How can we minimize downtime? How can we measure responsiveness of the support systems? more>>
Alcatel-Lucent is facilitating its employees by giving them access anywhere, anytime. more>>
It is designed to deliver extreme analytics on all data types, with enterprise-class performance, availability, manageability and... more>>
While the arrival of mobile phones in the mid-1990s’ increased India’s tele density exponentially, with the advent of smartphones, a... more>>
In Agile, and related, methodologies, a sprint is essentially a mechanism to encapsulate the KNOWN elements within a time-box and leave... more>>
with the progress made in internet technology and ubiquitous smart devices, there has been exponential growth in the data that is... more>>
The typical approach to employee engagement is to conduct surveys and announce new HR policies. more>>
he early success of such Sandbox-Based appliances can be attributed to the fact that malware variants were never designed with such... more>>
For easier comprehension, this can be compared to a highway (infrastructure), with cars and other vehicles (platform) used to transport... more>>

CEO Insights

Unlike the previous generation of enterprise software which was dominated by 2 giants SAP and Oracle, this round should be more evenly... more>>
Aggregating and analysing the patterns in the data provides input for designing relevant marketing campaigns to promote to the right... more>>