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December - 2015 Issue
Cover Story
Intensifying the rich pool of prominent solutions is the latest version of Sengen’s BI product Answergen that would be hitting the markets in the upcoming years, extensively designed for predictive analytics, scenario building and planning and advanced business rules development. more>>

Company of the Month

The company is cognizant of the fact that BI Dashboards are the direct source of information to the Senior Executives in any Enterprise... more>>

In My Opinion

With Digitization, trend is changing. We are becoming more dynamic and to ensure this momentum is on we will have to strive for all... more>>

20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Companies 2015

Radiare works ground-up, from building the data infrastructure, integrating the data sources to data modelling, visualisation and... more>>
‘Ten10’; built over 5D’s - Discovery, Design, Develop, Deploy and Dedicate; used by the company to deliver services in various... more>>
A company’s business capabilities are evaluated via its ability to automate manual process and use the key metrics with good speed... more>>
Along with industry-specific BI solutions, Ambit also offers horizontal solutions in the domains of finance, sales, purchase, digital... more>>
CentraMed proposes to furnish a future ready platform to empower consumers and deliver actionable intelligence anytime, anywhere,... more>>
Datawise puts trust and integrity on the highest priority. more>>
PixCons is carefully studying the forecast made by Gartner, which reads a possible shift in the front of Business Intelligence and a... more>>

CIO Insights

Though the cloud offers up many benefits, it's not without its risks and challenges. One of the biggest issues with moving any of your... more>>
Companies are trying to figure out ways to automate critical and time-consuming processes using technology. more>>

CEO Insights

Big data is offering a powerhouse for a vast shift for many businesses, empowering them to be more responsive and find out more about... more>>
What are the key obstacles to website security? One, startups do not know if their website can be hacked or not. more>>

CXO Insight

The complexity of any ERP system is measured along three dimensions: the extent of integration, the amount of functionality, and the size... more>>
Unleash the power of social collaboration build a culture of engagement! more>>
A dreadful car crash is not always the result of rash driving, excessive speed and poor roads; it is likely to happen because of... more>>