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CIO Review >> Magazine >> February - 2016 issue

eShopbox: Fervent Supporter of Brand-Centric Online Business for Fashion Retailers’ Growth


The fashion retail industry experiences challenges including changing customer attitude, demands of multiple season stockholding, complex supply chains, and competition from cheaper markets etc. Understanding the scenario, the brands attempt to build lifetime customer value and establish a clear identity in the market and connect the customers with their concept effectively thereby builds brand identity and brand loyalty. However, for brands, the costs, risks and maintenance of in-house team distract them from their core business.

Being an internet retailing partner for fashion brands, eShopbox, a fast growing SaaS based service provider for the fashion brands which is headquartered in Gurgaon, offers solutions including the ideation and implementation of the creative concept, innovative interface design, a customized technological platform, efficient logistics and multi-channel retailing to its brand-partners. It is an on-demand ecommerce technology and services company that helps fashion retailers by providing a unique and brand-centric experience to their customers. “We are on firm footing to deal with any kind of fashion market requirement or exigencies at fast speed. The pace, quality and smartness are the inherent values of eShopbox” adds Mayur Karwa, Co-Founder and CTO. eShopbox has business intelligence platform, eShopbox Insights, which provides all the information to monitor product performance, optimize marketing strategies and plan for product assortment and replenishments based on the behavioural analysis of the consumers. eShopbox is specialized in Webstore Technology and Design, Channel Management and Advisory, Ecommerce Operations and Retail Intelligence.

The research team of eShopbox offers insightful information regarding fashion, style, color, pattern and market to help the brands in their growth as well as consistent and timely updates about the trends and upcoming opportunities. For running a fashion label online, eShopbox offers a combination of products and services to create a single, comprehensive platform including development of an exclusive webstore, integrating all marketplaces, advertising and marketing etc. Its e-commerce platform provides multi-channel commerce capabilities to companies with fulfillment and continuous innovation in the consumer-driven world. The company has developed its own software eShopboxSync, which could automate the process of product enlisting, managing and optimizing brand products on multiple channels. Along with the platform, it has comprehensive set of services including strategizing, cataloging and fulfillment. Its fashion analysts prepare products for systematic launch and undertake a product level merchandising analysis. The company’s product analysts undertake strenuous effort of Revenue vs Margin vs Volume on product basis and the brand products are listed, and optimized across multiple channels. In addition, eShopbox’s marketing campaigns comprises Fashion blogs, print publications, Press Releases, Digital Media, Product Placement, Events, Fashion Show Case, feeds through tweets, Facebook posts, Linkdin, Google plus enlistings etc.

eShopbox foresees a bright future for SaaS and its vital role in the online retail sector. As SaaS platform is its focal point, the company craves to provide seamless operations, powerful integration and opportunities for the brands. eShopbox aims to increase its area of services in all dimensions of e-commerce.