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XSAT: Ensuring organizational's success by deploying, supporting and managing Mobile Workforce


As enterprises’ use of mobility becomes increasingly complex, the management of data stored in mobile devices becomes more difficult and hence calls for robust security measures to protect the device data. Adding to the complexities, with each mobile device innovation, CIOs face new predicaments while bringing in “BYOD” concept. Despite the growing presence of enterprise mobility service providers who not only have experience in mobility deployments but also in managing and securing mobile data, organizations fail to contrive a standardized mobility strategy which can be aligned with business goals and objectives. Struggling to get quality service and support from their mobility service providers, organizations today are looking to experts and vendors who are capable of streamlining the mobility processes while ensuring compliance and security with regards to mobility data and usage. As the exclusive India partner of Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), XSAT, headquartered in Delhi, takes care of various aspects of enterprise mobility starting from handling complexity around BYOD, Security or Compliance, OEM’s training, on site administration, device management thus providing its customers a complete command and control capability. Through its consultative approach and seasoned inhouse team of experts, XSAT identifies customers’ pain points and then accordingly contrives solutions to mitigate those. “Our consultative approach helps us deliver the best ROI, because it is based on not only understanding, but based on key matrix of various inputs that we at XSAT align while working with the customer on his needs and thus helping to choose the right product, which fits the requirement”, says Rohit Mani Sharma, Vice President(India Operations).

Though adopters of mobility have reaped several benefits, many organizations face challenges related to application deployment, security, data leakage, OTA and Field Upgrades. Additionally, majority of enterprise mobility service providers are involved in a box selling process rather than focussing on thought-out mobility strategy/process which can help a company address many of the challenges mobility poses throughout the entire mobility lifecycle. However, XSAT’s consultative approach cares about almost everything from selecting the right OEM/Product, to its configurations, deployment, audits and supports. “Our consultative approach validates that we do leave any part of mobility to last minute. We have excellent relationship with developer community and we cover host of enterprise application and field product management. Starting from SAP, Oracle, ERP, NFC, RFID, Tags, Bar Code Scanner, POS just to name a few”, adds Rohit.

By becoming GEMA’s eleventh alliance member globally, the company today assists in the deployment, support, and management of organizations’mobile workforce. Further, the company along with GEMA provides Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), Mobile Email Management (MEM), Instant Messaging (IM) products and services.
The presence of seamless data, IoT platforms and smart devices across the business landscape has influenced individual’s digital identity. Organizations hoping to remain competitive must ensure the availability of data and its seamless flow across platforms to help construct information. And to best accomplish this objective, XSAT intends to build its future roadmap by including mobility platforms, high end security platforms, Smart City Platforms and Digital Communications Systems and define and protect individual’s digital identity in the virtual world.