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Technospecs Technologies: Promoting and securing the effectiveness of IMS services


IT vendors today are struggling to streamline organizations’ infrastructure management, however they encounter challenges owing to inadequate technical and customer services skills and late delivery of every task that the client wants them to perform. The growing IMS requirement from a simple solution to a sophisticated solution that requires a comprehensive set of skills with regards to product knowledge, market trends and proactive approach for understanding the root challenges has brought a shift in the way organizations consider IMS services. Helping its clients to envisage the final picture of IMS model during its implementation stages is what Punjab headquartered Technospecs Technologies Pvt Ltd is specialized into. The company offers the IMS services to the clients with the uniqueness of IT managed services where the infrastructure is continuously being managed and monitored using the industry’s best-of-breed remote monitoring and management tools that cover infrastructure from a standpoint of actually utilizing the proactive approach rather using the break-fix model, thus achieving complete customer satisfaction. “We leverage these monitoring and management tools to automate various checks on the infrastructure and therefore reduce the downtime and user level issues that would give a complete peace of mind support for our clients”, says Mandeep Singh, Director. While reducing the bottlenecks around monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure, Technospecs measures the criticality of infrastructure involved and brainstorms on how to set up the necessary monitoring automation for healing of alerts and management of administrative tasks involving a particular infrastructure component.

Technospecs offers the complete care of services for datacenter operations including the migrations that covers either P2V (physical to virtual) or V2P (virtual to physical) and either migration from on-premises to cloud or from cloud to on-premises. “We offer comprehensive datacenter operations center where the key components involved in the datacenter infrastructure are under the continuous surveillance and monitoring to prevent the downtime by rectifying the problems”, says Mandeep. In addition, Technospecs offers complete backup and disaster recovery solutions for the datacenters for the contingency planning and restorability. While preventing the unauthorized access to the datacenters for its clients, the company carries out ongoing maintenance and updates for meeting application processing related requirements and structuring robust security to the datacenters. Through its consulting and support for datacenter operations and network operations centers, Technospecs has immensely helped its customers to elevate the performances of their effective datacenter and infrastructure management strategies to the next level, thereby familiarizing them with possible bottlenecks related to the infrastructure. Tailored to industry’s best practices and technologies, Technospecs reviews its clients’ current infrastructure setup, prepares an audit report and applicable fixes for promoting the effectiveness of the current IMS deployments. ‘Furthermore, Technospecs keep a check on the performance through its round the clock monitoring platform for knowing the possible bottlenecks related to the infrastructure and would raise proactive alerts on the central dashboard.

Sustainable support, knowledge of qualified products, internal testing environment for new technologies, better organization structure and strong customer relationships are few of its major differentiator factors today. Having earned a valuable position in the IMS market, the company is now focused on becoming industry’s reliable and knowledgeable partner for the clients who require services related to the IMS (infrastructure management services) field. Sensing strong opportunities in the IMS market, Technospecs envisions of long-term engagements with its clients and focuses on improving both the software and hardware level monitoring and management.