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Technosoft: Bringing to the Fore a “Service Product” based Approach!


In the space of big data today, many authoritative reports point to the fact that open source tools will gain ground in the coming 2-3 years. Technosoft Corp, headquartered in Southfield, MI, has taken an approach by strategically building a “Service Product based” methodology to deal with big data through open source technologies. This differentiated ‘Service Product” based approach, provides the customer with prebuilt, ready–to–use service components which would work as performance accelerators to address business use cases across industry segments.

Tools and technologies have proliferated to harness Big Data, however they fall short of addressing key and often unique, hitherto not addressed business needs. The need to explore open source based tools and technologies to remove these limitations is important. For example, Technosoft is engaged with a leading Telecom provider to manage the ever increasing levels of streaming data. Streaming data is inherently unstructured in nature. Technosoft, in collaboration with the customer explored off- the- shelf applications but ultimately it got the results with the innovative use of the Hadoop ecosystem which falls in the realm of open source technologies.

Maximizing the life of assets is directly correlated to the profitability of an organization. Technosoft has developed a unique Predictive Asset Management (PAM) solution framework with a blend of Open source technologies and off-the shelf Data visualization tools. This helps to predict equipment failure rates by identifying the root cause of the problem at hand. “Our approach improves the maintenance KPIs by analyzing data from a variety of data sources such as sensor and field equipment with guided visualization with the smart use of both open source statistical software like R and visualization tool sets like Spotfire,” says Somjit Amrit, Chief Business Officer. Technosoft is invited to present in the Predictive Analytics World conference (Manufacturing track) which is being held in Chicago, IL, USA on the 17th and 18th of June 2014, where it will showcase this framework which could be used in handling a critical and expensive asset in the oil and gas industry.

Bringing in Veracity in addition to the three Vs in Big Data
Although the three V’s (Volume, Velocity and Variability) have become a common lingo in the data world, the often less addressed is the fourth V, i.e, Veracity. Quality of data is important, yet hard to get.The team addresses this through smart ways of using synthetic data (which would be close to the real data) as the way forward to prove the benefits of a select business use case at the Proof of Concept (PoC) level . This approach helps address the situation where quality data cannot be aggregated quickly enough to come up with a Minimum Viable Proposition for a PoC.

Moving forward, the team is focusing on the verticals like Manufacturing, Telecom, select areas in Healthcare and niche sectors in Finance like Auto Finance. It plans to address the areas of Data Architecture, Data Integration, Data Mining and Data Visualization in these particular sectors, thereby covering the gamut of services which need to be addressed in Data Science. Backed up by its differentiating “Service Product” approach, Technosoft looks set to build service components that would help organizations to bring in solutions faster to the market and generate business benefits from data.