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TadiranTelcom: Enhanced Communication and Collaboration Accelerating Business Growth


We read mails while dining in a restaurant, we participate in web conferences while working from home and we share videos online via team workspaces while holidaying and these benefits today have successfully bridged the gap between communication and enterprise IT applications. Unified Communications brings in traditional and emerging tools in to a converged platform to provide a cost-effective and consistent workplace and eliminates the long haul of uniting communication into a single platform. The convergence of voice, video, and data communication is allowing users easily to make a call, send a message, or join an audio or videoconference. But selecting enterprise class UC solution is somewhat challenging as security, application hosting, networking could be troublesome to incorporate in a solution. Addressing this challenge is Israel Headquartered Tadiran Telecom with its simple and scalable Unified communications solutions. The company with its regional offices located in Atlanta, China and India harbors 500+ employees in its arsenal.

Once the organization has decided to migrate in to a mobile environment, it has to undergo the expensive deal of buying software licenses such as client software, server license and email license and many more in the same list. These license deals call for huge IT spending which in a way impede the growth strategy. Tadiran Telecom rises to the challenge with its intuitive GUI and a simple licensing mechanism which is easy to install, manage and maintain. “Aeonix simplicity of operation decreases the need for qualified (and expensive) personnel to handle the maintenance of the platform”, says Gaurav Dwivedi, Country Director at Tadiarn Telecom. Security concerns are pervasive throughout the architecture domains and in all phases of the architecture development. With increasing information placed into the cloud, many concerns related to safety, privacy, security of data comes into picture. Tadiran telecom has contrived security protocols which are intended to ensure system’s integrity and prevent unauthorized operations. Some of the standard protocols such as SIP and CSTA allow a customer to integrate myriad of applications and infuse the same into their desired device.

“Aeonix is a Unified Communications & Collaboration platform which consolidates disparate business applications into a single powerful platform”, articulates Gaurav. Often it’s the server deployment that hinders the functionality of networks and Tadiran adopts Aeonix integrated contact center to provide a single server deployment and central management that culls time and resources concurrently. The Aeonix contact center claims to integrate customer CRM solutions and aids in merging inbound and outbound calls to monitor sales campaigns and customer order processing. In addition, Aeonix Dispatch Console aids in daily communication operations with instant responses to emergency situations.

With the UC cloud base system bolstering the market adoption and efficiency, Tadiran Telecom plans to drive a shift towards a business service model rather than the current software license model. Moving forward with an outlook to deploy functionality rich UC and VoIP projects, Tadiran Telecom believes that its simplified UC solutions will help to build a service business model which can improve both service and selling experience. The company will continue to offer its advanced unified communication solutions and help organizations to become for responsive and agile than ever.