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TECHVIGOR Software Solutions: Redefining Customer Experience


Gartner forecasts that CRM is growing to become a $36.5 billion market worldwide by 2017. And it has been gaining momentum in India as well. At present only large business houses are the heavy consumers of the CRM technologies. The medium sized and small businesses are expected to join within the next 5-10 years span. CRM is becoming a vital program helping companies to serve its customers better. However, despite the many advantages of CRM technologies, companies in India have not been particularly enthusiastic about using CRM technology as they see it as an added liability. Often CRM has been criticised as a rigid program i.e. it doesn’t allow to meet the individual requirements of the clients. Marketing executives opine that CRM programs are time consuming as they require micromanagement. Neither the customers nor the vendors have the time to discuss every stage of configuration, setting targets etc.

Keeping these deadlocks in mind, Chennai based TECHVIGOR Software Solutions has designed SalesVigor CRM specifically for the Indian market addressing the issues of sales, stocks, delivery, damages, payment collection and invoices. The developers of this technology have designed SalesVigor CRM keeping in perspective the mind set of users at the lower level. C.R.Varadharajan, Managing Director, Techvigor Software Solutions, says “we minimize the data entry and in turn make sure they get more Business Intelligent information from SalesVigor CRM that helps them to reach their target easily in 9-10 months instead of a year. We have implemented SWOT analysis, 80/20 Pareto Charts Analysis, Time Management, Calls management, scheduling and alerts, etc. Executives do not have to remember anything.”

SalesVigor CRM is efficiently designed to automate the process from ground level to higher level using the SIX SIGMA process. It connects the Sales Team, Service Team, Stock and Delivery team. This feature allows the service team to know about the stock position before committing to the delivery; it automatically notifies the service team of all the post sales activity. It also allows the vendors to easily identify the most valued customers based on the number of sales. This feature is unique to SalesVigor CRM which monitors the sales and service teams. It features Supply Chain Management (SCM) module as an add-on to manage the inventory and stocks in or between branches. SalesVigor CRM is available in both On-Cloud and In- Premise formats. The In-Premise format allows the vendors to create backup and restore the database of the clients whereas On-Cloud it keeps a copy of the database.

TechVigor understands that a general CRM cannot operate similarly in all industrial segments and has therefore designed a technology that varies according to the need of different industrial segment. It specialises in Manufacturing and Distributing segments for UPS, Solar Panels, Battery and Real Estates from start ups to large companies. With SalesVigor CRM a company is bound to have an advantage over other companies due to the increased efficiency of the employees, better understanding of the customers’ behavioural patterns and its high end features aimed at retaining clients.