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CIO Review >> Magazine >> October - 2015 issue

Swan Solutions: providing comprehensive solutions in the Mobile infrastructure domain


Mobile devices are increasingly becoming a part of enterprise infrastructure. Organizations are enabling employees to extend their personal smart-devices to do business and reap various benefits such as agility and efficiency. While the empowerment and productivity gains with such solutions are high, they also come with an increase in security risk. It requires enhanced security measures to efficiently manage the mobile devices and reduce the overall risk.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Swan Solutions and Services own a cache of experienced technical experts who zealously investigate and understand the customer’s pain points with regards to mobility and infrastructure management. It is after a thorough diagnosis, that the company offer their clients, solutions that will secure the mobile devices that is within the client company’s premises to prevent leakage of confidential data along with protecting these devices against malwares. The company leverages its tie up with established companies such as PaloAlto, which specializes in cyber security solutions and provides next-generation firewall platform that brings layer 7security for enterprises. Partnering with Symantec, Swan Solutions provide solutions like Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and Encryption to name a few. Additionally, collaborating with VMware, the company presents VMware AirWatch, an Enterprise Mobility Management solution that efficaciously solves security breaches committed by mobile devices despite the platform it is built on. The solution begins functioning on the device as soon as it is registered on the solution platform after which it can be located geographically with ease. Moreover, one can monitor the applications that the device uses, and remotely delete the data if the device is lost. Furthermore, the solution also offers the option of selective wiping of data, along with automatically shutting down the mobile camera when the device is within the client company’s premises. Additionally, the solution also helps in keeping a check of the mails sent from the device. Similarly, collaborating with storage vendors like EMC and HP, Swan proffers apps that can scale the storage capacity along with protecting the data from cyber attacks while archiving and preserving the data integrity for years. “Before presenting our solutions in the market, we do a thorough in- house testing of the solutions and make sure that they are fool- proof”, says Abhijit Salvi, Head Solutions, Swan solutions and Services.

The 1989 established Swan Solutions anticipates that, there will be a plethora of applications that will be hosted in the Cloud as organizations around the world will go completely mobile. Envisaging this, Swan Solutions intend to provide managed services to its clients in the cloud infrastructure domain. Furthermore, the company endeavours to design & deploy private cloud along with monitoring the cloud platform of their Clients.