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Streamline Healthcare Solutions :Delivering an All-Inclusive Behavioural Health Application


According to a market survey, the behavioural health software market is expected to reach $1,494.1 million by 2019. Globally, this industry involves functionalities to aid behavioural health end users for raising their efficiency and decreasing healthcare cost. The adoption of integrated software is higher in this industry due to the user-friendly nature and integration with different functionalities, thereby reducing overall cost. Leading in behavioural health marketplace, Streamline Healthcare Solutions offers an integrated application named SmartCare, which is user-friendly as well as customizable. For organizations that require one clinical management system, the application SmartCare enables organizations to plan and incorporate their entire business processes to a single solution. “We are leading provider in the US of behavioural healthcare software that is being chosen by industry leaders as they are looking for comprehensive functionality in one easy to use web based solution,” says David Ryland, Co-CEO and Co-Founder.

Streamline’s SmartCare™, a web-based enterprise-wide application, is built for the delivery, management, coordination and reporting of healthcare services. “Streamline has a BI or Data Warehouse solution that aggregates all of the data points collected by clinical, billing and other functions in the transactional system. It helps organizations analyse their own performance and identify trends to help improve their quality of care and reduce costs,” shares Javed Husain, Co-CEO and Co-Founder.

The core integrated functionality of SmartCare application which is Meaningful Stage 2 certified; includes Electronic Health Record, Care Management, e-prescribing and Primary Care. SmartCareRX (e-prescribing) is one of the core functionalities of SmartCare which tracks medications and allergies of clients and links them to a medication database. The solution is integrated with SureScripts Certified functionality for e-prescribing. It provides a visual prompt not only at the time the medication is ordered, but also makes it visible within the client record on the active medication list. “The application allows the prescriber to not only record allergies and current prescribed and over the counter medications the client is taking, but also allows the practitioner to document the failed trials or reported intolerances with certain medications,” adds Javed Husain.

At the time of prescription, SmartCare PrimaryCare, plays a crucial role where medications are being prescribed to the client for both primary care and behavioural healthcare treatment. Its integrated functionality for Primary Care Services includes modules which are designed specifically for scheduling, progress notes and billing of Primary Care. The solution helps customers not to purchase a separate Primary Care system and enables their clinicians to use a single system for the complete information about problems and treatment provided to the client.Due to the changes in regulations and perspective about mental health, Streamline understands that the business of its customers is going to evolve fast. Hence, the company plans to keep innovating to make sure that its solution meets their changing requirements. In the near future, Streamline aims at moving closer to real time team coordination across all care settings.