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Solutions Infini: Leveraging Cloud Technology for Providing Customized Telephony and Bulk Messaging Services


Utilizing Bulk messaging service has become one of the vital strategies for media companies, enterprises, banks and FMCG sector for marketing purposes. The service has the potential to deliver SMS and other forms of notifications to millions of subscribers in the couple of minutes. However, most providers solely concentrate on selling bulk SMS, but Bangalore based Solutions Infini has gone beyond the traditional SMS methodology and provides various offerings such as customer engagement, product marketing, sales promotion, loyalty programs, customer support and internal communications. By optimizing cloud-based messaging services, Solutions Infini also provides an array of bulk messing services such as short and long code solutions, SMPP SMS applications, cloud telephony, missed call services, virtual mobile numbers and toll free numbers service. The core service of the company includes InfiNeo - a mobile banking facilitator platform for the BFSI segment, Dialstreet- a cloud enabled business communication manager and Vizdesk- a comprehensive visitor management tool.

Aniketh Jain and Ashish Agarwal founded the company in 2009 with an aim to provide bulk messaging service across India. “We have a stable and powerful messaging platform to transmit SMS to nearly 10 million mobiles in just 60 minutes of time,” says Aniketh. Within a span of 4 years, Solutions Infini has widened its reach across India from Bangalore to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Besides spreading in Metro cities, the company has also touched other Tier 1 cities such as Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, and Indore.

Customized Integration for Automated Messaging

Solutions Infini offers customized Application Programming Interface (API) to suit specific business requirements of enterprises. “We offer code snippets for APIs in major programming languages such as PHP, JSON, JAVA, XML & many others which helps to easily integrate business applications (code) and get access to SMS& Voice services,” adds Aniketh. These Application Programming Interfaces are supported by popular databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and Sybase.

Leveraging Cloud Telephony

Interaction through toll-free numbers is usually time-consuming and it does not work efficiently during peak hours. But Solution Infini utilizes the cloud telephony system IVR to transfer the call to the concerned person without any hassles.

Four Core Notification Services

Solution Infini’s first platform is bulk SMS messaging including both Push and Pull messaging. Push messaging includes sending Alerts, notifications, discount coupons and promotional messages. Pull or 2- way messaging is an interactive and engaging method where the request for the transmission of information is initiated by the receiver or client. These are generally used in offers, voting campaigns, feedback surveys and more.

Solutions Infini’s first cloud enabled product is Dial Street, a cost effective cloud telephony system that not only manages entire Business calls, but also lets users to easily administer operationally and capital efficiencies. Other features of Dial Street includes integrated call analytics, ability to record incoming and outgoing calls, utilization of missed calls to generate leads, capture feedbacks and conduct polls.

On the other hand, Infineo is solely programmed to assist SMS based services to BFSI. It lets users perform various banking functions with ease with secured data management facilities. The Infineo platform enables operators for password validation with an additional facility to host the system on multiple data centers without any hassles. “It also adds a level of security to online banking in addition to other cards such as Aadhar, Credit, and Debit cards,” adds Aniketh.

En Route to Global Telecommunication Markets

After being recognized as one of Asia’s fastest growing technology companies, Solutions Infini visions to go a long way ahead. This Bangalore based company plans to set up offices in UK, Middle East, US and East Asia. The company that started in 2009 by two members has currently expanded to around 100 member team. Following the expansion of the team, Solutions Infini aims to add India’s popular e-commerce and retail companies in the list of their clients. “We will continue to cater interactive communication solutions that would be essentially powered by SMS, Emails and voice telephony,” concludes Aniketh.


So far, Solutions Infini has catered to various sectors such as E-commerce, Banking, Finance, Loyalty Programs, Travel and Tourism, Marketing and Retail. Some of its clients include Myntra, Syndicate Bank, Pay Back, Latlong, Tesco, Practo, Zipdial, Jabong, Vijaya Bank & many more.


"Having tried more than 5 different messaging service providers at Practo over last 5 years, Solutions Infini was like breath of fresh air. A simple API with reliable delivery and great reporting helped us immensely. The team is very responsive and our requirements and feedback are incorporated into product at lightning speed, "said Abhinav Lal, Co-founder & CTO, Practo.