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Sheorey Digital Systems: The Indian David fighting the Global Goliaths in Aviation IT Solutions space!


ARMS® (Aviation Resource Management System) emerged out of a pressing industry need to have a truly integrated InfoTech solution that could seamlessly bring together the two most critical functions of an Air Operator viz. Operations and Maintenance & Engineering. When MD & CEO, Vivek Sheorey, re-directed focus of Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd. around 1999-2000, from a provider of DTP and Interactive Multimedia content to a specialist Enterprise solutions provider with exclusive focus on the Aviation domain, he found that there was no single vendor providing an integrated IT solution that could be customized to Aviation industry's specific needs. The standard ERPs were too complex to implement, difficult to customize and quite expensive. On top of this, reverse engineering often caused more frustration than satisfaction. These flaws called for a paradigm shift in the way the problem was approached.

This is where Sheorey spotted an opportunity and decided to design a platform that would not only address these lacunae but also provide a solution that would concentrate on the specific needs of the Aviation industry, based on ICAO SARPs (International Civil Aviation Organisation's Standards and Recommended Practices) – or simply 'Best Industry Practices'. That solution is now manifested in SDS' flagship product, the 'ARMS® V2 InfoTech Suite, which is today perhaps the only solution in the industry capable of seamlessly integrating all of the functional and operational areas of an Airline or Air Transport operator with a unified database.

The endowed team of 272 people, spread across development centres in Mumbai and Bangalore design and develop proprietary products in-house which lends to ease and rapidity of customization thereby offering a completely bespoke solution. These products can easily integrate with third party systems besides offering a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). SDS' client-centric services for implementation, customization, delivery and support are all offered on a turnkey model. The testimonial to its success is the umbrella of clients including some of the biggest names in the industry like Air India, SpiceJet, GoAir, Cebu Pacific, Air Baltic, Gulf Helicopters, and Reliance Aviation amongst others.

To create this innovative team, SDS has built a collaborative relationship with its employees where they understand the value of the work they produce and the tremendous impact that it will have on the industry as a game-changer. The employees are provided with the freedom to experiment which combined with an agile development model in a relaxed environment enables innovation and creativity.

"The aviation industry is not untouched from Mobile, Cloud and Analytics and SDS is doing its best to stay ahead of the curve," explains Sheorey. The next generation SDS products will see increased adoption of these harbingers of change. The company is planning to broaden its revenue stream with an additional round of funding. This will help it diversify into Military Aviation projects and other Transportation verticals where it has considerable internal domain understanding.