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SecurEyes: Proffering Security Solutions that Mitigate End To End Cyber Threats


A wide variety of threats face the cyber world, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), state actors and ransomware. Hackers have been found using currencies that are becoming untraceable by the moment and organizations are in dire need of experts to defend their systems. However, even in such a despondent air, SecurEyes shines bright as they clearly understand the business objectives of clients in order to evolve solutions around the performance of the business; thereby ensuring overall protection and UX without adversely impacting the day to day process of the organization.

A team of dedicated professionals from different technological domains having a common goal of setting up a unique organization, SecurEyes offers Penetration Testing services that allow organizations to reveal a hacker’s view of the network so as to continually raise the level of protection using the current security deployments. “During penetration testing we undertake technical network and infrastructure along with the people and process aspect of the organization. Moving away from the conventional approach, we broadened our scope to include these areas through our social engineering resilience testing and social media exposure testing,” says Karmendra Kohli, CEO. Moreover, the company’s team of experts review existing applications and appraise the source code to find out vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the company’s Application Security Audit services is built on a mature methodology that uses Audit Techniques ranging from security tools to manual code review. SecurEyes then suggest code modifications to secure application from attacks. Similarly, the Vulnerability Assessment service from the company hands out a detailed analysis of susceptibilities present in the server operating systems, network devices and network perimeter products to reveal potholes that could be exploited.

Plotting a Successful Growth Chart

Having started off as a security tool development and consulting organization, SecurEyes tasted its first real success when the Government of India empanelled the company to work with the department of Ministry of IT and Communication. Proud to be one of the top two vendors in the then market to have been empanelled, SecurEyes went on to work with many other government departments regarding mission critical information. Moving forward, the company soon began collaborating with the BFSI segment within and outside the nation. Additionally, since the company is self funded, outside influence in taking significant decisions is negated thus enabling SecurEyes stay true to its motto of delivering quality and flexible solutions.

SecurEyes intends to consider information security as a social responsibility so as to engage with educational institutions in the country to percolate enough information security awareness within the community. Moreover, SecurEyes further intends to innovate and consolidate the upcoming technologies to deliver a real time dashboard that showcases the security stature of the organization to the decision makers. Having plotted a successful growth chart along the years, SecurEyes treads with the resolve of delivering cost effective solutions to become a true leader in the Cyber Security domain.