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SapphireIMS - A Business and IT Service Management solution


Businesses today face tremendous pressure when it comes to cost control, compliance management, meeting customer requirements while imparting & maintaining quality service and an exceptional user experience. With the emergence of a dynamic business environment, increased operational cost and challenging service level expectations, businesses are compelled to align their business strategies with IT goals so as to deliver maximum business value. Enterprises face daunting challenges in scaling and managing their Global Business and IT operations as their data and applications reside on hybrid environments. Although the market has witnessed a couple of vendors who endeavour to address the escalating business and service management challenges. Enterprises are still on the lookout for a solution provider who can provide a cost effective and a scalable solution that can manage both IT and business service operations while being flexible.‘SapphireIMS’ offers the best in class ‘ITIL 2011 certified Service Desk, Asset Management and Business Service Monitoring’ solutions to its clients. The solution combined with proven delivery practices using a team of specialized consultants, ensures that clients enjoy successful roll-outs and realize business benefits quickly.

Aligning IT Service Management with Business Strategies
SapphireIMS includes a strong Asset Life Cycle Management solution that includes offline and online (dynamic) asset inventory, Software Asset Management (SAM) and Automation. The solution helps clients to get a bird’s eye view of the asset distribution and their utilization on a geographical scale. “Often Assets are under utilized. SapphireIMS solves this issue by providing timely reports on capacity, utilization, availability and health, so that capex can be planned more accurately. The assets are managed through their lifecycle starting from purchase, allocation, utilization and stock capturing till retirement,” says Shafi Ahamed, CEO Tecknodreams, creators of SapphireIMS. The solution discovers assets automatically, captures the inventory dynamically and base lines them. In addition to this, SapphireIMS can be seamlessly integrated with ERP systems to capture purchase information, and can carry out periodic reconciliation between Inventory and Assets in order to detect asset leakage. Moreover, through its Licence Compliance (SAM) and IT Policy Compliance module, SapphireIMS enforces organisational policies to prevent use of unapproved software and reduce business risks.

Leveraging the “ITIL 2011”certification, SapphireIMS Service desk has been successful in helping customers to comprehensively manage Service support and Service operations. Furthermore, a flexible and a user friendly service desk ensure that the customer service request or service break-down complaints are handled as per pre-defined process within the committed service levels (SLA). Additionally, CSAT statistics helps to understand the cadence of customer satisfaction which is critical for IT. The SapphireIMS workflow engine facilitates the easy mapping of organisational service support/delivery processes and provides timely alerts on escalations, delayed transactions and progress via mails and SMS. Owing to its flexible workflow engine, SapphireIMS easily lends itself to customizing of processes to suit the needs of customers in various domains like Healthcare, Manufacturing, BFSI, Maintenance Service Providers to name a few. SapphireIMS supports multi-tenancy while using a distributed architecture that collects and reports data across geography territories on a single platform.”SapphireIMS has been successful in rolling-out across industries and verticals with industry specific processes” adds, Shafi.

SapphireIMS Blueprint
By virtue of its team of seasoned service management specialists and its integrated ITIL certified product, SapphireIMS has been successful in spreading its wings to metamorphose to become one of the trailblazers in the Service Management Product Market. The company, with its experience and deep insight on its client requirement, has partnered with a few strong players in the market and has geared up so as to deliver high value services to its customers who seek Service-desk, Asset management and Business Service Monitoring solutions. Product innovation, dynamic market conditions, adaptable Cloud offerings and the likes are driving companies to surge forward and adopt Service Management Solutions. Realizing this shift in the IMS market, Tecknodreams plans to tap the potential through its innovative solutions and flexible Cloud and On-Premise based delivery models and intends to expand across geographical barriers to capture the competitive emerging markets. “There is good market potential for our offerings and we foresee 100% growth Y-o-Y over the next couple of years. We are continuing to innovate based on market needs & technology trends”, concludes Shafi.