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Sand Legal: Ensuring Business Continuity through Comprehensive Compliance Programs


Addressing and staying up-to-date on legislative and regulatory requirements is paramount to business continuity today. One big challenge for enterprises is justifying costs especially for multinational geographies. Sand Legal Services Private Limited, headquartered in Gurgaon, provides legislative compliance management to its Indian multinational and transnational companies for their operations in other geographies in which they have presence and in India at less than one-tenth of the cost which they would incur otherwise. The company enables its clients to monitor, control and reduce the risk of failure in compliance performance through customized content from its in-house multi-disciplinary legal team and robust software tools from its top of the line technology partners.

Sand Legal was founded by B. Sai Chandravadhan, who has extensive expertise of twenty four years as a lawyer out of which fourteen years is in legislative compliance management. Today his team, with 200 man years of experience, is dedicated towards being a think tank and legal research company. An example which proves their dedication is how Sand Legalenabled a leading Indian multinational company to have a centralized compliance program in place for its global operations. The client had no centralized mechanism that could certify how comprehensive their compliance program was and throw light on the risk that the top management would face if there was any non-compliance. Sand Legal implemented a compliance framework for them in India subsequent to which the client extended the scope to US and UK. It prepared the content and implemented the compliance framework for them in eight states of USA which was later extended to other states. Today, the client company has centralized compliance program that can be controlled from India and they are able to give certifications and assurances to their top management on levels of compliance. Sand Legal currently operates in eleven countries spanning Europe, North America including 41 out of the 50 States in the USA, Asia Pacific, China and all 28 States in India.

Sand Legal believes that every system including a compliance management system has two components that optimize it. First, is the quality of its knowledge base or the content and the other is motivation of its users. While implementing compliance programs, Sand Legal ensures that both components are addressed.

Currently operating in 11 countries, Sand Legal intends to cover 21 countries in compliance in the next 24 months. At the same time Sand Legal works for start-ups and small companies that face serious non-compliance risks.“There are many second and third rung organizations in India that we can support in developing cost effective risk based compliance programs. Other areas we are looking at are litigation management and managed compliance.” says Sai. As most of the Indian companies lack a litigation management strategy or process, Sand Legal, with a network of associates across the country and a centralized consulting body advises the clients on litigation status, requirement and settlement. Sand Legal currently manages compliance for its clients across India and are looking at extending the services to other countries. The company has also started a program for law students on compliance to create awareness of the multi-faceted role of a lawyer in society.