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RxPrism Health Systems: Revolutionizing the Way Healthcare is Delivered through Digital Technology


The success of digitalization has encouraged even healthcare service providers to look at digitalization as a means to enhance the experience of their customers. Riding on this success is one such organization, a Bangalore-based digital customer engagement strategy and solutions provider called RxPrism Health Systems.The company enables global pharmaceutical and life science companies (B2B) to digitalize their customer engagement approaches and strategies. They also research on digital adoption among healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients to provide winning solutions to their customers according to market demands.

Started in Bangalore, India, RxPrism opened their subsidiaries in the USA in 2014. While their global delivery center is in Bangalore, they also operate from offices in Mumbai and Chennai in India. Aside from the USA, RxPrism has expanded their footprints to the UK, UAE, Singapore, and Japan to serve their clientele across the globe.

With a unique blend of people from digital, scientific, creative, marketing, and technical backgrounds, the operations team at RxPrism possesses strong domain knowledge and years of experience in life science and healthcare spaces worldwide. The medical communication experts at RxPrism are well versed in life science and healthcare industry regulations in addition to marketing guidelines of different countries. “This expertise is our key differentiator, which, along with our novel technologies, helps us provide 100 percent regulatory compliant and innovative customer engagement solutions,” says Dr. Maruthi Viswanathan, CEO, RxPrism Health Systems. The company has the right mix of talents such as physicians, pharmacologists, PhDs, medical creative artists, marketing professionals, software engineers, and virtual technology experts.

RxPrism offers cost-effective onsite–offshore services for global life science customers. Their service areas include cloud-based physician and patient engagement platforms, mobility solutions, medical communication, marketing communication, medical and patient education, sales force training, and other commercial activities. RxPrism manages more than 50 pharma brands and enables them to communicate their values to HCPs. RxPrism’s products are first-in-class, cloud-based platforms launched and used by pharma companies across the globe. The platforms include remote detailing, virtual detailing, virtual congresses, and analytical platforms for sales force. These platforms allow medical representatives (MRs) and medical science liaisons (MSLs) to log on to a virtual space using his/her avatar, and connect and interact with any doctors across the globe, thereby facilitating pharma companies to reach many physicians virtually even with smaller field forces.

In foresight, RxPrism is already working on a unique and game-changing healthcare application for patients, physicians, and hospitals (B2C). They are aiming to launch this application in early 2017 and are in the process of filing a patent for the innovative concept. “We are confident that this application will revolutionize the way healthcare is being delivered, and that it will enable millions across the globe to have access to better healthcare,” concludes Dr. Maruthi Viswanathan.