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Regalix: Driving Innovation to Reform Customer’s Perspective in Digital Marketing Space


When it came to the last mile deliverance of helping a renowned brand – VMware, to communicate a very complex story of ‘virtualization’ to a very sophisticated buyer on the other end, the whole communication broke down and it became difficult to communicate the glossary to the CIO and technical buyer in simple terms. With a complex technical understanding, backed with their products and platforms, California based Regalix, with Indian offices at Bengaluru, Karnataka, filled this dexterity gap between the organization and the CIOs or the end-user in general. Regalix is a co-innovation company that chaperones its clients through the complete life cycle of product development right from conceptualization to online outreach,and marketing via some off-the-edge acceleration modules.

Arrayed with a large number of platforms and solutions, Regalix has sculpted a sophisticated digital agency with the objective to tell very complex implementation stories in a simple way. Regalix’s ShareDemos puts product-front and center by allowing a firm to create structured demos of their products and services. Regalix makes it easy to add updates and ensures that the customers and customers’ partners always see the latest version. “It leverages the large enterprises / software focused companies to enable their channel partners, their field sales, and customers to understand their products better”, says Vikas Sharan, CEO. Users can create interactive demos, playbooks, calculators and applications, thereby,guiding the customer through pre-sales and post-sales journey.

Most venture-backed organizations are building their business with the presumption that software would solve the sellers’ problems and the sellers would find it easy to work across multiple market places. But in India, the market places don’t have enough standardization across catalogs to make it easy in the company’s taxonomy in the way they are structured. To carefully address these pain points, Regalix rolled out MerchantSnap. MerchantSnap uses personalized account management and complex tools to help organizations sell on FlipKart, Amazon, eBay etc. The industry-expert account managers of Regalix work closely with clients to ensure that they leverage this single do-it-yourself platform to sell across every major online marketplace, thereby, instantly exposing the firm’s products to million more customers. Working with companies like Dell and VMWare has helped Regalix to realize that though these companies don’t have much retail presence per se, the levels of complexities are all the same, irrespective of the geography. Regalix, with its High Tech solutions, helps standardize a lot of experiences for the brands, from the brand perspective, and the sales perspective as well. Hence, a customer gets the same customer supportwhen he visits a channel partner of a company, as he/she would,when directly approched the company‘s headquarters.
Considering innovation to be the key, irrespective of it being micro or macro, Regalix has been developing products in the areas of community, crowd sourcing, and market resource. Regalix‘s ability to take its rigorous discipline and flexibility, and mould it into cost efficient practices that suit their varied clients, is driving Regalix to become the largest tech marketing firm in the world.