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Qvansys IT Solutions: Providing Customized EHR Solutions for Secured Data


The year ahead will be pivotal for healthcare technology from the perspective of patients, practitioners, medical researchers, and the IT professionals who serve them. Thus patients and practitioners are slowly leaving their paper trail and moving onto Electronic Health Record (EHR). With this, there is a gradual adoption of people logging onto patient portals. Now health records are easily accessible and health has taken on a hassle free route. Qvansys IT Solutions, a Subsidiary of Levanture Inc based out of the USA, proudly offers you this hassle free route, a patient portal Now health records can be at the fingertips of users and patients. Qvansys’ specialty lies in the provision of flexible templates where healthcare enterprises can tailor make their EHR chart to their specific workflow and practice needs.

The Patient Portal is an easy-to-implement solution to manage Personal Health Records (PHRs). This web based tool allows you to collect and track health information via your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Due to this patient portal, people can take control of their health for better outcomes. It is massively accessible and secure on all devices, it reduces paperwork and improves personal record-keeping. In addition, it helps communicate better and faster, and automates Family Health Records too.

Furthermore, another system devised by Qvansys, helps Hospitals and Clinics consolidate provider and staff responsibilities with a comprehensive system that organizes patient information before, during and after the visit. With consultations from various doctors, stores your lifetime records in one single location so that one can analyze their health from time to time. Srini Garikipati, President and CEO, Qvansys IT Solutions goes on to explain, “Your EHR comes with a library of customizable charting templates so you can quickly e-prescribe, send lab and imaging orders, and instantly share results right from your patient’s electronic health record. Most importantly, you get support from a dedicated success team and receive help from experts who’ll guide you through implementation, patient import, billing selection, and overall EHR use - you’ll never have to wait or pay to get the support
you deserve.”

To add to the advantages, the system automatically tracks the status of payment, time, exclusions, payers and more. For billing professionals, the Centralized Billing features allows one to manage claims processing for clients. It automatically builds actionable work lists that allow you to quickly identify and fix claim errors, exclusions or denials. While other medical billing systems force you to manually export and upload claims to separate or multiple clearing houses. Qvansys also provides all the tools you need to manage your claims process at one place. “Five years from now, we would like to see at least 50,000users who have not only signed but are also using in a disciplined manner,” Lakshmi Garikipati, President of Qvansys briefs us on the company’s
future plans.