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Qtech Software: Pushing the Limits of Travel Automation for an Uninterrupted Travel Business


The Travel industry is evolving at a rapid pace and every player, be it small or large, is feeling the pressure to keep up with changing requirements of the market and expectations of travelers. Considering the speed at which technology is evolving, this vast and fragmented industry is full of opportunities for business automation across multiple sectors, be it airlines, hotels, MICE and more. Qtech Software, headquartered in Mumbai, provides an automated software solution to travel organizations, making them capable of operating round the clock.

“We are constantly pushing the limits of what can be done to convert the challenges of this industry into opportunities so that our clients’ businesses can be smooth and seamless. Backed by our support and proactive monitoring of system health by both human intervention and automated processes, our clients are ever ready to take their business to the next level,” says Paresh Parihar, CEO & Managing Director, Qtech Software.

Qtech’s software solution, OTRAMS, an Online Travel Reservation and Management System helps Travel Agencies, Destination Management Companies, OTAs and Travel Wholesalers to scale their businesses by adopting a sophisticated and automated platform that enables them to do business 24x7. OTRAMS helps B2B, B2C, B2B2B and B2B2C travel organizations manage their various consumer, business and operational functions.Beyond operations, OTRAMS also offers Business Intelligence modules to enable companies to track growth, identify opportunities and take corrective measures wherever required.

“Being a web based engine, OTRAMS is platform agnostic and retains the ability to have very specific applications for each platform. As a highly flexible system, a very large part of the system is customizable to the client’s business rules,” adds Paresh.
Qtech also provides mapping services for hotels, enabling travel agencies to automatically generate a clean database of mapped properties with accurate data. The company’s mobile development initiatives like supplier applications for inventory management, fleet management via mobile, consumer applications to create more points of sales, and Business Intelligence applications are opening up new avenues for its customers.

“Because of the nature of mobile as a frontend for services, these apps can also be connected to systems other than OTRAMS, including external suppliers,” mentions Yogesh Tandel, Head of Mobile and Interface Development, Qtech Software.

“From adopting the latest design trends, to making the software available on multiple platforms- especially mobile devices, to taking up new technology to make the system scalable and future proof, we are constantly innovating. Having a system that is web based makes it easy for us to harness the benefits of new generation technology, be it wearable technology or even virtual reality,” says Franz Dias, Head of New Products, Qtech Software.
Comprehending the rapid shift towards mobile enabled technology, which has potential to create value for every stakeholder in the travel process, from the hotel, to the supplier, to the agent, and to the end traveler, Qtech has a vision for growth through innovation and by leveraging mobile platforms and upcoming technology.