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Pyro Telecom: Transforming Indian Telcos with Innovation


Telecom continues to be a growing, vibrant ecosystem, expanding rapidly across a broad runway of products, technologies and services companies. And apparently there are plenty of new and emerging opportunities which could continue to provide robust growth across all of the telecommunications sub-sectors.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, Pyro Telecom Solutions, with Chandrashekhar.T as the CTO is an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifiedmid-tier technology solution provider to Tele-communication carriers (GSM/UMTS/LTE/PSTN). As part of the Pyro Group Companies, Pyro Telecom along with Pyro Networks are focused on delivering 360° mobility products and services that enhance operator networks to deliver immediate and effective solutions.

With 4G on roadmap with almost all major operators not only in India but worldwide, Pyro’s DSA provides automated and simplified solution to change old SIM to new USIM which supports 4G. Operators can leverage this in quickly migrating existing customers on to 4G. The end customer also gets a benefit of choosing his own mobile number at the time of new activation; thus eliminating the dependency on an end retailer or distributor providing only little choice to customer with the available numbers. This system also saves HLR /HSS / AUC / IN licenses of the Operators and only active SIMs need to be provisioned in the system eliminating the need to keep all the inventory data stored on Core nodes & Prepaid Billing Systems.

Often it becomes near impossible for users to recharge their number when in roaming due to certain network issues or regulations. Pyro Telecom’s platform INROAM is an interconnected hub which is also connected to operator’s IN system at VPLMN and HPLMN. Subscriber can topup home network balance with INROAM; it uses Pyro’s proprietary encryption and communication protocol, which ensures it is near real time, safe and secure. This brings lot of freedom and flexibility to roamers especially in countries where people still are dependent on non electronic modes of recharges. Pyro has been a prominent player in the RF Services area since quite some time. The unique service offering from Pyro is an Optimization/ Analytics tool called Eyespot. This tool does analytics to exactly identify the problem areas and also predict.With the expertise in this domain Pyro’s technical team uses Eyespot hence making Pyro RF Services a unique offering vis-à-vis competition.“Pyro’s motivation since past 15 years has been innovation, understanding the customer’s requirement, match it with technological trend / roadmap and possibilities without complicating the network architecture thereby creating a win-win-win situation for End customer – Operator and Pyro,” says Chandrashekhar.

With accolades such as- SME 2014, Global Telecom Business 2008 and GSMA Global Mobile 2008, Pyro Telecom has a vision to offer innovative solutions in this ever changing telecom world and to consistently deliver breakthrough products & services that not only enhance customer experience but also give an edge to the mobile operator’s offerings.