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Precision Infomatic: Countering the Ever Increasing Demand for IT Infrastructure Management


With an ever increasing demand for better IT infrastructure and support, the industry is looking for reliable and cost effective means for maintaining their IT infrastructure, applications and systems as well as optimizing their internal infrastructure management processes. Precision Infomatic, a provider of complete IT infrastructure products, solutions and services, effectively addresses these heightened needs. Headquartered in Chennai, the Precision Group, having a market capital of Rs.250 Crore is an Information Technology Group serving as one of India's sources for IT products, support services and solutions covering a PAN India presence. They provide complete IT Infrastructure services and Solutions through its flagship company Precision Infomatic and group companies Precision Biometric, Precision Techserve and Precision Techconet. Since its inception in 1996, the company has made milestones through its various divisions and further would like to expand on biometric and other technology based solutions. In addition, the existing service network would be further strengthened and the cloud offerings expanded to deliver higher value to clients as well as enhancing offerings through addition of solutions such as business intelligence (BI). Apart from this, the IT infrastructure provider leans towards reaching out to different domains like energy and agriculture sectors.