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PixCons: Endowing Enterprises with a Clear Picture of Data across Business


Enterprises are facing challenges today while going ahead with BI implementations and it can be attributed to the discrepancy in the requirement specifications. Data integration being the first step towards business intelligence faces hurdles like lack of focus towards automation, difficulties in drill-down reporting and discrepancies in business data. PixCons Technologies, headquartered in Pune, enables enterprises to cross these hurdles by providing a clear picture of one-view of data across the business and facilitating the data flow across varied systems. The company enables data integration whenever new applications are deployed. It defines and documents the integration priorities for future references and identifies the appropriate integration interface. Selecting the best interface medium, PixCons monitors the process at various check points and ensures the security of the data. When it comes to data migration solutions, the company provides improved usability and functionality, enhanced accuracy, accountability and advanced user experience with data-dependent systems.

Customized BI
PixCons has highly trained and experienced technical and marketing teams which extract the maximum and correct data from the customers and maintain the entire data in a Customer Specifications Document, meticulously scrutinized and signed by both, the customer and PixCons. The company’s dynamic reporting and easy-to-use features attract employees to extract data from internal systems and use it as per their convenience. PixCons has pre-developed, industry-focused and rapid deployment solutions which are ready-to-use solutions with just small quick-ins. The organization provides the robust Reports and Dashboards as per enterprises’ requirements.

Business Intelligence not only impacts the Technology but also the Process and People. Our BI Solutions empower all the users by capitalizing the resources in a smarter way. “We have a customized offering models based on the organization needs, which in turn helps small organization to select PixCons for the BI offerings. One can make the most out of his Business Intelligence Investment and IT, with the help of our BI Services,” says Srinivas Rapelli, Managing Director, PixCons. The company’s BI offering uses KPIs to gauge the current state of the business and relate it to the enterprise objective and help business come up with a course of action to get to the target state of business. Its purpose is to mutually construct a system where everyone works together towards a common goal.

Visualizing data
With visualization becoming highly competitive, constructing an environment for visualizing high volume data presents challenging problems in both modelling and computation. A database substrate for a visualization environment needs to support a semantic form of data to represent complex relationships with the provision of effective data manipulation. Some of the basic challenges are: Clutter, Performance, Information Loss, Limited Cognition, Colour Issues, Data manipulation issue and Representing Complex Relationships. PixCons Technologies makes the best of this fact and its solutions help create mobile, highly dynamic and interactive, role-based dashboards that are able to deliver trusted, finely presented and aggregated numbers to the decision makers, anytime and anywhere.

Visualization tools are transforming Business Intelligence and the challenge is: Visualizing a huge data. PixCons applies Sampling, Aggregation, Segmentation and Tuning before it comes up with the final report/dashboard. Every data set is a sample of some real phenomena and hence further sampling the data would not do any harm. The company uses aggregate queries and runs some queries of clustering algorithm. To cut down on the data for each segment, PixCons segments the data in layers like gender, revenue patterns, geographic areas, speed and habits. The company uses both creativity and analytics to make the picture in the mind reflect on the screen.

PixCons started its active operations only in 2013 and it has stood out with its innovative solutions. “Year 2015-2016 would bring immense challenges as we aim at being a Product based company by 2016 and hence we look forward for great challenges backed by great success,” concludes Srinivas.

SAP Business Objects and BI Implementation
PixCons has added feathers in its cap by serving the world’s 2nd most innovative company, since two years and the journey still continues. Its solutions in the Pharma Industry are making wonders while it is also catering its services to other varied Industries. There are many testimonials proving the potential of PixCons. One of them is how an SAP Customer started a business relationship with PixCons in 2013 for BI development and support initiative. “I have found PixCons extremely methodical and exhaustive in their approach. Integration, good communication, quality, and a guaranteed turnaround time to meet the deadlines have been the key. They have an extensive understanding of our specific requirements and we enjoy the relationship which is built on trust and confidentiality. We look forward to continuing this valuable relationship,” says the client.