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Perpetuuiti: Enabling Organizations Maintain Resilient IT Environments


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions have evolved a long way but not far enough; especially in multi-site and multi-mode configuration situations, that is until Pune based Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft Services developed Continuity Patrol. Continuity Patrol is market’s only automated Business Service Availability Management Suite that helps organizations bring more visibility into IT disruptions and its cascading effect of other dependent business processes getting impacted/ affected due to any specific disruption.

“To maintain DR environment of heterogeneous IT infrastructure, many set of procedures and processes are required to be followed at various IT layers and such tasks need to be performed well within time and without any error to meet RTO and RPO timelines during Data Synchronization phase, DR Drills and in actual DR situation. Continuity Patrol integrates all these layers and creates workflows to perform task quickly and without any error.” says Rohil Sharma, CEO, Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft Services. Continuity Patrol moves beyond the realm of a regular DRM and enables Enterprise Visibility for Service Availability Management through Monitoring, Management and Orchestration. The best part is that any customer whether or not having a DR, or just one data center or an enterprise network can have this product deployed in their environment to Monitor, Manage and Automate the Enterprise Service Availability. Apart from performing tasks, Continuity Patrol provides reports which are helpful for management to assess DR readiness and helpful for DR invocation decision-making. The solution also monitors DR IT infrastructure and takes actions if any of the component is not working properly to ensure DR environment is always up and ready.It automates testing of the DR environment that gives confidence to customers on their DR readiness while providing DR compliance records and reports to meet the regulatory requirements.

What sets Perpetuuiti’s Continuity Patrol apart from other similar solutions is the way it automates the BCP/ DR orchestration for people, process and technology helping organizations to do optimized capacity planning and move towards ‘business resiliency’ in addition to giving real-time enterprise visibility and the cascading effect of silent IT disasters. It eliminates dependencies on subject-matter expertise with a single-click on smartphone or tablet resulting in huge cost savings by giving insight into DR infrastructure and helping the organization from over-engineering or duplicating. The executives of an organization can take an informed business decision, as the IT disruptions are translated into business impact to reduce the RTO of decision-making.

Perpetuuiti’s product portfolio focuses on the people, process and technology pillars of an organization, creating an effective Business Continuity infrastructure that is also preventive, pro-active and predictive. The company offers cloud-based, on-premise and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) solutions that ensure high Service Reliability and Service Availability. To make every complex IT DR based solution available as workflows for execution in a single-click, Continuity Patrol has in-built Action Libraries that cover all the IT layers like OS, DB, App, Web, Middleware, Network, Storage& Replication with a vendor-neutral approach.

As the complexity of threats increases, Automation is the key for BCP/DR as a practice and it is not feasible to follow the traditional.

Comprehending this trend, Perpetuuiti is well poised to continue leveraging technologies for Business Resiliency and Service Availability Management.