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Optinovo Business Consulting: Reshaping EA through Quality and Domain-focused Services


Today’s businesses rely on advanced technologies for maximizing efficiencies, accomplishing business goals and improving revenues to differentiate themselves and attain foremost position in the market. In building both effective as well as efficient IT ecosystem and keeping a pace, Enterprise Architecture (EA) has a pivotal role. As EA enables alignment of business processes and strategies, enterprises require skillful partner’s assistance who concentrates on rigorous understanding of their clients’ EA requirements and domain clubbed with utmost quality services.

For ameliorating EA realm, Bangalore headquartered Optinovo Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd., offers enterprise transformation services by utilizing optimal skills and achieving outcomes at optimal cost. This domain-focused company assists enterprises with its service portfolio which comprises of Process Consulting services, IT Program Management, niche Technology Services, Partner / Software Sourcing and Procurement Consulting, Right sourcing Services and Training. “We are a domain focused company. We work with our domain specialists on both management consulting and technology aspect. Our solutions are aligned to the organizations’ requirements and our recommendations have more value in terms of the quality and relevance,” states Sekhar Mukherji, Co-founder & CEO, Optinovo Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. The company is more focused on banking segment and it has already catered its services to leading banks in Bangladesh and Middle East.

Optinovo’s Technology Services ambience offers IT Architecture and Infrastructure services that aim at optimization of technology while minimising risk. This service portfolio includes Service Level Oriented Technology Architecture, Enterprise Network Architecture Design, Application Portfolio Rationalization and EA. While catering these services to its clients, Optinovo aims at minimizing infrastructure risk, increasing agility, reducing infrastructure cost while enhancing performance. “We try to remove redundancy. We look at companies that have long term vision and make sure that their platforms are standardized. We try to look at both operational perspective and growth perspective like what is the best platform an organization should have,” opines Sekhar Mukherji. With Service Level Oriented Technology Architecture, the company provides assistance in addressing process, people and technology concerns and requirements while aiding in peoples’ empowerment. For Enterprise Network Architecture Design, Optinovo meets enterprise requirements such as security, availability, performance, resilience and scalability while assisting in the design of enterprise network architecture. “If we look at each component like security, reliability, performance and scalability, they area part of the business profit and the way we define transformation,” adds Sekhar Mukherji.

Aside from Technology Services, the company offers Process Consulting Service in making business more efficient, helping reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction. “Basically, we completely listen to our clients to understand the way our clients are conducting business currently and then refine and optimise them based on prevalent leading practices keeping in mind the relevance of those in the market we are in and the client we are working with,” shares Sekhar Mukherji. With Process Consulting Service, it offers Strategy, Process Refinement and IT & Software Engineering
consulting services.

Optinovo Business Consulting concentrates on highest standard of integrity, ethics and values. “We ensure that our clients get quality services from us that add business value but never compromises on business ethics and values,” concludes Sekhar Mukherji.