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OneDelta: Delivering Intelligent Cloud GRC Solutions to Enable Next Gen Legal Services


With each passing year, organizations are constantly being bombarded with new regulations. And with limited resources and inadequate solutions, many companies are overwhelmed by regulatory demands placed on them and frequently opt for ad hoc approaches to comply. However, the ad hoc approaches are rarely sustainable. Moreover, corporates still view regulatory compliance as one of their highest legal risk areas, and when combined with the increasing regulations, it presents legal departments across the globe with several challenges. This is generating the need for organizations to deploy smarter risk and compliance frameworks, in accordance with differing regulatory regimes. Creating a comprehensive, intelligent cloud GRC solution suite in the field of Law and Finance, for enterprises of all sizes is Bangalore headquartered OneDelta Synergies Pvt. Ltd.
Incepted in 2012, OneDelta Synergies was born from the desire to assist a boutique law firm in moving up the value chain of service offerings through technology enablement. The partnership helped OneDelta realise that Legal Tech was a vastly under-served space, with tremendous scope for innovation. Henceforth, OneDelta was established under the guidance of founder- Unni Nambiar, who leveraged his 26 years of Software Technology experience to bestow mentorship for the company’s GRC solutions suite. Comprising of its flagship product Complius for compliance management; OneDelta’s GRC suite also includes Contractum, a contract management system that allows creation of contracts from standard or custom templates, organizes the contracts and tracks them; and Plaintus, an incident management system. “We are continuously working to significantly change the way legal service offerings are being done, by judiciously deploying technology with the right level of legal know-how.” affirms Sachin Aghor, CEO, OneDelta Synergies.

Task Based Workflows with Intelligently Mapped Compliance Activities
As traditional compliance management software/ applications tend to be over-engineered and difficult to use; OneDelta brings Complius to the table. Built on the principle of simplicity and minimalism; Complius intelligently maps all applicable Statutory, Regulatory and Internal compliances for all its locations and operations. Embedded with a cloud-hosted, task based workflow system; Complius equips managements with Dashboards and Reports to track and manage an organisation’s compliance level. Complius further possesses a sophisticated reminder and escalation notification system that is customised to the operational requirements of the organisation. Besides, being auto-maintained by the application vendor, OneDelta’s cloud-based software relieves enterprises from the worries of maintenance upgrades or downtimes, by converting capital expenditure into operational expenditure through innovative subscription based pricing models.

Besides being a platform for compliance management, Complius also comes with an up-to-date Compliance Knowledge base that is used to generate Compliance Calendars for various locations of an organisation. The core philosophy of simplicity is embodied in the email based workflows and mobile based dashboards that simplify the tasks by guiding the user at each step. Additionally, Complius hosts a compliance proof processing service that is integrated into the workflow and can be scaled from a comprehensive real-time audit of every single compliance proof to quarterly audits of the compliance proofs.

Next Generation GRC on Autopilot
Customer experience and usability are key elements for the successful adoption and sustained running of a Compliance Management Framework in a company. Adhering to this success mantra, Complius has been designed to practically run on its own, with task owners having a simple task inbox, reminders and notifications via email and a simple point and click interface to complete each compliance activity in the system. To further ease adoption, Complius eliminates the need for compliance task owners to even login to the system to see which task is pending action. Instead Complius pro-actively reaches out to the task owners through email and allows them to act on the task and complete it while still continuing to process their emails. This puts the compliance task completion squarely in the path of the task owner’s day to day activities thereby ensuring smooth adoption. Moreover, the management dashboards and handy mobile based quick view compliance snapshots facilitate better management control of the organisation’s compliance.

Pursuing the motto of ‘continuous innovation’, OneDelta is working towards incorporating machine learning capabilities in compliance and contract management to build systems that are capable of detecting when compliance is needed and validating if the compliance was done correctly. OneDelta also plans to integrate with ERP systems to extend their capabilities into the legal function. Moving further, the firm outlines a roadmap to expand services beyond the Indian subcontinent and evolve into international jurisdictions. “We are not just another legal services provider with simple automation tools, nor do we claim that software will somehow solve things all by itself. We believe in getting Legal Tech done right.” concludes the CEO.