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Nitman Software: Leveraging Customizable Recruitment Software to Attract and Retain the Right Pool of Talent


One of chief challenges facing the recruitment vertical today is the incapability of the recruiting software to be tailored to fit in with recruitment requirements of an organization. In addition, there is a lack of useful features and functionalities to make every aspect of recruiting automated and effective with significant cost savings. The home grown recruitment software at times fails to streamline the administration and strangles the hiring managers with ineffective hiring. Companies grapple to retrieve the profile of the candidates failing to track the potential candidate with their traditional recruitment solutions, consequently organizations have to compromise on the quality of the new hires. Nitman Software, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, leverages Talentpool, its flagship recruitment software that streamlines the entire recruitment processes, meet hiring targets and get instant reports to track performances. Introduced in 2007, Talentpool has opened the doors to easier and effective hiring, and delivers a scalable and a customizable platform that convenes companies of all sizes.

Ensuring Easy Adoption and Increasing Administration Productivity
“Our products are designed after thorough market research. Talentpool was a result of our research and finding that there is no Indian recruitment solution for companies in India”, says Nitin Shimpi, Co-founder & Director.Every recruitment software solution manages the workflow requirements but very few solutions can be customized based on the workflow. With Talentpool software, recruitment solutions can be configured as per organization’s recruitment workflow. “With ability to configure around 90 percent of the solution as per organizations need, it can be adopted by any business from any vertical”, adds Nitin.

Majority of the software deployments are expensive and take months’ or years to bring out the results. Ensuring high degree of adoption, Talentpool gets implemented within a short time period and delivers higher throughput to the companies. With deep expertise on the intricacies facing the corporate today, Talentpool’s team extensively works to make Talentpool the recruitment solution for Indian market across various verticals. In addition Talentpool can be integrated with business applications like ERP and HRMS to enhance HR administration productivity.

Along the same lines, Nitman provides Talentscout which is web-based applicant tracking software specifically intended for established recruitment firms and placement agencies that furnishthe recruitment needs of some of the largest enterprises. It provides them a single platform to manage clients.

The Road Ahead
Preferred by leading businesses in India, Nitman Software focuses on finding the talent a company needs to thrive. With Talentpool’s collaborative platform the company envisions redefining the candidate management relationship with significant cost savings while continuing to recruit and retain the right talent and enhancing productivity for clients.